July 26, 2023

How Will AI Revolutionize the E-commerce Space?

How Will AI Revolutionize the E-commerce Space?

Today’s modern landscape opens up tons of possibilities for business owners and marketers, especially those running things completely online. A myriad of tools are available to help even a solo-operated e-commerce business keep up with the big players, and many of the newest toys are powered by AI. Let’s take a closer look at how artificial intelligence is affecting the e-commerce industry and how you can take advantage of it moving forward!

SEO-Friendly Copy in Seconds

As a completely online business, driving traffic to your site and products is of the utmost importance. SEO and keyword usage on your website are essential, and it takes a lot of time to work that in by hand. These days, however, there are a ton of AI copywriter tools that can generate SEO-friendly blogs, product descriptions, and other content in a matter of seconds, built on the keywords that you feed it or it finds across the web.

Not only does this allow you to create copy much faster, but opens the door to more experimentation and optimization – something we preach often at Genius Monkey. In fact, our users often see 30-40% greater results when running different types of split tests with programmatic; the same can be true for AI and SEO. For example, you could run a split test with multiple CTAs and quickly see which variations perform better with your consumer base. Letting AI do the heavy lifting in copywriting gives you the chance to be more efficient and creative with your space.

Could you imagine a future in which a customer comes to your site and every page they view is built from the ground up for them? It’s not too far away from reality! More website creation tools are incorporating AI systems in their design, and soon we’ll be seeing entire websites built the same moment a customer clicks on an ad.

How Will AI Revolutionize the E-commerce Space?

Easy Professional-Level Images

A huge part of an attractive product description is a great image to go with it. Normally, that would require hiring a professional photographer, booking time for a photo shoot, and potentially spending thousands of dollars across all your offerings. AI image generation can make this process much easier, faster, and cheaper by virtually placing your product in any background in any style you can think of.

And this goes beyond product photos; AI can also assist with creating logos, color schemes, style guides, and other visual flourishes that can enhance your marketing materials across the board. These tools can help a single graphic designer produce the output of an entire team, saving you even more money and time as you establish your brand.

Automated Workflow Optimization

Saving time is the primary benefit of using AI in your workflow; automating tasks speeds up the process and leaves you free to tackle other, more nuanced issues. Some of these tasks are small and can be handled by AI built right into your website; for example, follow-up emails can be automatically written and sent to customers who abandoned their carts on your site, giving them a personal touch in the retargeting phase while you focus on other things. The AI tech that Genius Monkey uses is sophisticated enough to retarget consumers who left your competitor’s page!

Using AI to find patterns, trends, and customer preferences is a great way to understand your consumer base, enabling you to advertise more effectively today AND tomorrow based on their wants and needs.

Natural Customer Support and Service

Chatbots have been a part of online shopping for a long time, and nearly half of consumers find them annoying. The rigidity in responses is generally to blame; traditional automated chats can only respond to specific statements or questions. Newer, AI-powered chats can analyze the context of a customer’s input, offering more accurate direction while sounding more natural. Over time, the AI can even build a database of common questions and responses, rendering some support chats indistinguishable from a human-to-human conversation.

No tool is ever perfect, and there are a wide variety of AI-powered customer service bots that specialize in different areas. For more information, here’s an article breaking down 30 of them.

Dynamic Fraud Security

Humans will be humans, therefore dealing with frauds and scams will always be part of business. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners reported that businesses lose 5% of their revenue yearly to fraud, and that small businesses are particularly vulnerable to such schemes. The risk is even greater with e-commerce, which experienced a global loss of $41 billion across 2022. Security is paramount, and the same pattern-recognition abilities of AI can make a huge difference here.

With so much data and ever-changing tactics from the bad guys, “AI can identify and prioritize risk, instantly spot any malware on a network, guide incident response, and detect intrusions before they start.” (Balbix)

Genius Monkey has certainly seen the benefits of AI-powered security; we’ve stopped 130% more ad fraud than the industry average, providing peace of mind and confidence to our own users in their advertising endeavors.

To the Future

Technology and our own efforts continue to evolve in an ever more-connected world. If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest marketing tactics and give your e-commerce enterprise the best chance of success, you’re already in the right place! Get started with Genius Monkey today and see how our AI-powered solutions can make all the difference.

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