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Attract new customers with furniture programmatic marketing

Furniture Sellers Can Benefit From a Programmatic Advertising Solution

Looking to reach more customers with your furniture advertisement? Our programmatic advertising platform helps furniture sellers attract new online traffic, as well as foot traffic, to their stores by programmatically targeting people who have exhibited online or offline behavior showing they are in the market for furniture. We do this by implementing your customer data and leveraging that data to find the most ideal candidates to target for your furniture ad campaigns. We make sure your programmatic ads are seen on all prospective buyers’ device screens and channels at the exact right time for maximum exposure and performance.

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Increase Furniture Sales With Contextual and Demographic Consumer Targeting

Our programmatic advertising technology uses artificial intelligence in the automatic processing of ad buying, which allows furniture retailers to target specific audiences for increased furniture sales. By identifying your target audience, it’s possible to tailor content and ad campaigns for potential furniture customers when, and where, they’re most likely to engage. Our AI algorithms evaluate analytics based on user activity to provide valuable marketing insights, so we’re able to reach and personalize the ad experience by targeting prospective buyers who have:

  • Visited your competitors’ websites (local and/or national competitors)
  • Searched for furniture brand names or products via search engines, social media platforms, or by using relevant keywords in an email
  • Recently purchased or started leasing a new home or apartment
  • Qualified for financing with a certain level of income or credit score
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Average Furniture Cost And Conversion Metrics


Average Display Cost Per Click


Average Display Cost Per Conversion


Average Video Cost Per Click


Average Video Cost Per Conversion

Average Days From Initial Brand Engagement To Conversion


1-10 Days


11-30 Days


31-89 Days


Over 90 Days

Takeaways From Furniture Store Campaigns

  • Holiday and event-themed promotions drive conversion rates and increased furniture sales more than any other vertical.
  • Furniture display campaigns have a higher cost per click than other verticals, but have one of the lowest cost per conversion rates.
  • Programmatic ad campaigns provide the ability to capture a new, highly-targeted audience, helping you to maintain and/or gain market share.

Programmatic In Motion

Genius Monkey was one of the first pioneers in the programmatic space and has since worked with clients of all shapes and sizes. Over the years we’ve seen it all and have the success stories to prove why we’re still a leader in the field. See our case study success stories for yourself!

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Reach the most people, with the highest propensity to engage, at the lowest possible cost

  • No Contracts
  • Campaigns Fully Managed by Genius Monkey
  • Don’t pay for impressions. Only pay when your audience engages with your ad.
  • Highly effective, Programmatic Pay Per Engagement banner & video display campaigns average as low as $0.47 per click
  • Effective CPM of $2-$3 (as compared to $5-$15 CPM)
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