Programmatic Advertising Solutions for Your Business

Advanced Targeting Precision

Target audiences according to specific filters such as demographics, online behavior and more.

Massive Exposure and Impressions

Expand your reach and exposure and boost impressions with the power of automation.

End-to-End Attribution & Measurement

See the full picture of what your audience is doing beyond last click with view-through attribution.


How We Work For Businesses

Genius Monkey provides data-driven programmatic ad-buying solutions that help brands navigate the world of digital advertising. Our platform allows marketers to run highly-targeted ad campaigns that reach the right audiences in the right place at precisely the right time.

We make sure each step of the programmatic ad-buying journey is fully integrated so our partner businesses can effectively manage and optimize campaigns of any scale with high-performance digital ads.

More Features We Offer

  • Safety and transparency
  • Omnichannel presence
  • Real time AI optimizations
  • Consumer retargeting
  • Dashboard reporting
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Some Of The Brands Genius Monkey Has Had The Fortune To Help

Let's Talk Cost

Why should you choose Genius Monkey you ask? Because we don’t hold you to long term commitments, but rather put our monkey where our mouth is and let our performance entice you to stay. We also encourage you to split-test against your current vendor so we can prove the Genius Monkey difference!

  • No Contracts
  • No set up or management fees
  • Don’t pay for impressions. Only pay when your audience engages with your ad.
  • High-performance programmatic pay-per-engagement display, video, audio, and OTT campaigns with average cost per clicks as low as $0.47
  • Effective CPM of $2-$3 (as compared to $5-$15 CPM)