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Smart marketing

The marketing methods of yesterday used to throw everything at the consumer in the hopes that some of it would stick. Genius Monkey knows that advertising demands that we be extremely vigilant about how, where and who our ads are targeting. While the majority of marketers have a pretty solid idea of who they want to market to, and what types of content they think will be best consumed, having quantitative analysis to assist your team can mean that new tools can be available to predict and target audiences who may have a greater propensity to make a purchase.

One of the underpinning decisions that have shifted the way advertising is handled, is how ads are bought and sold — a specialization that demands a great deal of data collection to develop algorithms that spot purchasing opportunities across a sea of media outlets.

Smart marketing

Quantitative analysis

Quantitative analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) have seemingly limitless potential when added to the efforts of our marketing team. It's kind of like that secret ingredient that makes our recipe pop; the data collected can develop predictive advertising models that take into account much more than a user's location or what products they viewed. Not only are we able to use current products they're interested in, but what they've bought in the past — and what they may buy in the future. How much of an impact did our current ad campaign have on them?

Quantitative analysis
AI human oversight

AI & Human oversight

At Genius Monkey, we know and understand that even customers who have the same general interests and online purchasing behaviors can vary wildly in their choice of channels through which they like to consume the media. The data we gather helps us to predict and position ourselves to take advantage of these changes as they happen. But, no matter how advanced our technology at Genius Monkey becomes, it's of little worth without the skill and management of our talented team of "human" campaign managers who oversee the process. We refuse to settle for the "set it and forget it" method that is so commonly used in the industry.

Our marketing team knows the general channels and media outlets our customers prefer — but adding quantitative analysis to the mix further hones that laser-targeted focus, and proves it with informative data. Marketers no longer have to spray and pray, hoping that a targeted ad pointed to a specific demographic will generally get results. With our quantitative data, we can have predictive models that demonstrate precisely how the ad will perform.

staying ahead

Staying ahead

Advertisers who choose to ignore these kinds of marketing strategies will find that it doesn't take long for their brands to become irrelevant or seemingly "out of touch" with what customers want. At Genius Monkey, we know that the playing field is continually changing, and brand marketers who can draw definitive conclusions from the data they gather will soon be way ahead of those who are still struggling to maintain relevance.

If this seems overwhelming to some marketers (and we know it does), it would behoove them to partner with Genius Monkey, along with all of our technology functioning at top performance and speed, so that we can do it for them.

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