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Case Study

18-Location Pet Veterinarian Group Boosts Website Traffic

Utilized the Full Genius Monkey Programmatic System Including Display, Video, Search and Social

A veterinarian hospital group brought Genius Monkey on board to boost and expand the results of their advertising dollars.

Using a treasure trove of highly effective proprietary tools, Genius Monkey went to work implementing their expertise to build an effective programmatic platform that included display, video search and social. As a result, the group saw an uplift of 4,166% in visits, 5,416% in unique visitors, 1,378% in page views, 101% in website conversions, 338% in website-driven phone inquiries and 179% in social media interaction.

These results were refined by using a series of split testing and result-based measurements. This increased the response of in-market customers, creating a much broader patient base. In this case, the targeted audience is comprised of local pet owners who need (or will need) the services of an animal hospital or veterinarian. As a result, the client has shifted a great deal of their marketing budget towards a programmatical digital campaign rather than the traditional marketing strategies.

“This kind of increase is just what we expected to accomplish for the hospital group,” said Jeremy Hudgens, Director of Client Solutions at Genius Monkey. “And we’re not done, yet. We continually monitor traffic from front to back, running various forms of split testing to see how traffic is engaging, always looking for opportunities to optimize. We know that automation is a powerful tool, but only when it is tempered by human oversight. Without that, there are too many missed opportunities for optimization, and we believe this to be the main ingredient of our ‘secret sauce’.”

There are several factors that play into the success of this veterinarian group, including their up-to-date equipment and technology, as well as the skill and talent of the carefully selected animal doctors and staff. But the implementation of a programmatic platform has made a distinct and noticeable impact on the number of qualified visitors that have visited their site.

Much of the credit for the site’s increased success can be attributed to Genius Monkey’s signature platform, Optimize Video and Optimize Display. This technology combines creativity and technology that allows us to automate media buys for our clients; across all networks, as one optimized campaign. In this case, it’s directed towards pet owners needing care and health maintenance for their animals.

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