Truck Dealership Uses Attribution and Leads to 166% ROAS

A well-known truck dealership turned to Genius Monkey to establish a digital programmatic marketing platform.


Their goals were to Increase brand awareness and, in turn, increase vehicle sales.


Genius Monkey began the campaign by allocating part of their ad-spend towards Optimize Display, and a smaller part towards Optimize Video. In addition, we targeted truck enthusiasts and outdoorsy-type males, ages 25-64 with a household income of 40K or higher, after which we began conquesting after competitor sites. We also checked to see if they were receiving emails from competitors. In addition, we targeted enthusiasts in the field of trucks, off-roading, lifted trucks, hunters, fishers, outdoor sports and extreme sports.


Out of the leads in the CRM of sold vehicles, the dealership was able to match 21% of them. Of those leads, Genius Monkey was able to positively match back several of them to a converting user IP to which Genius Monkey had served an ad. That means that of the users we could obtain IP's for, Genius Monkey matched with 11% of them. With this hard data (along with knowing their average profit-per-car deal), we were able to determine a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for their advertising budget spent over 3 months. It was equal to a 166% return on their investment.

If we take this a step further and assume 11% match on all of their sales, including the ones we don't have IP's for, Genius Monkey can attribute to sales, equalling a 1,154% ROAS!