Genius Monkey Boosts Concert ROAS by Over 1,100%

A new city/venue has been added to the 2019 schedule of this renowned music, comedy, culinary and entertainment festival. They have come to Genius Monkey for help with brand awareness and boosting ticket sales, as this is their first year in the state of Texas.


The Core KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) in this test was to increase online traffic and, more importantly, increase Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). More ticket sales for less money. This was to be done by programmatically diversifying channels and targeting via the Genius Monkey platform.


Genius Monkey targeted the audience, based upon some basic CRM data, including male and female users between the ages of 25 - 54, with a household income of over $75k, skewing towards music fans in the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) area with a radius of 150 miles as a Designated Market Area (DMA).

Our behavioral targets were those who were known to enjoy listening to live music, attending concerts, and those who have been looking for "Things to do" in the DFW area.

We also developed a lengthy list of competitor-websites and associated-websites that this musical audience would likely be frequenting, and monitored those sites as well.


From their initial start with Genius Monkey, they not only saw an increase in impressions and site traffic in the first five weeks, but ticket sales jumped up substantially, creating an average ROAS of 1,188%!

The overall percentage increase in statistics have proven our digital programmatic strategies to be very effective.

In Summary:

  • Average ROAS of 1,188% within the first five weeks