Case Study on Genius Monkey Click Fraud Measurement

Genius Monkey continually strives to deliver the highest possible value for the advertising dollar. One of the many ways that they accomplish this is through efforts to eliminate ad fraud from their programmatic advertising system. zvelo, a 3rd party measurement and validation company, recently conducted a 10-month analysis on Genius Monkey's ad fraud measurements as compared to the industry averages.

In an ideal marketing world, fraudulent and malicious inventory would be unable to make its way into the marketplace, and advertisers and agencies would not have to go to such extents to keep from having their measurement results negatively affected by fraud. Every active participant in the supply chain would make continual efforts to act as a checkpoint to catch and eliminate it.

However, we don't live in a perfect world, and not all participants are shouldering their respective load. In essence, this means that Genius Monkey, with the help of zvelo, must take every measure in their wheelhouse to protect their clients and their ad budgets from the effects of malicious fraud.

Genius Monkey's advertising platform, with the help of zvelo, stops over 130% more ad fraud than industry averages


Genius Monkey's goal is to be able to drive the maximum number of engagements and conversions from as many networks, devices and mediums as possible, all while assuring that the performance and measurement of their marketing efforts is not being negatively affected by malicious fraud. Regardless of the fact that Genius Monkey does not charge for potential bot traffic, they understand that performance hinges on driving the highest-quality traffic. This is one of the reasons that they are continually seeking out ways to further optimize performance and effectiveness.


Genius Monkey theorized that if they could create a system with multiple layers of filtration (in addition to what is employed by the networks and any integrated validation partners), they could take ad fraud prevention several steps further, ensuring a much higher level of performance. Some of the prevention measures that Genius Monkey wanted to be sure to incorporate for the protection and integrity of the ads placed on behalf of their clients are:

  • Integrate into active campaigns that are targeting multiple networks, devices, and mediums such as banner and video display, social, native, search and retargeting
  • Utilize internal Omni Monkey quality traffic tools, along with all available validation tools at network, DSP, trade desks and exchange levels
  • Integrate zvelo shield technology to filter this already-filtered traffic
  • Blacklist all publishers providing malicious, low-quality bot traffic or otherwise questionable traffic


  • Reduce the amount of ad fraud by over 130% compared to industry averages using effectual "Best Practices"
  • Beat out competitors by a minimum of over 300%
  • Consistently increase attributed conversions to their clients
  • Validate the fact that Genius Monkey's theory of using zvelo and internal tools to "Police the Police" proves superior results