The Marketing Machine Agency Decreased Client’s Cost per Conversions and Improved ROAS With a Programmatic Solution


The Marketing Machine is a full-service marketing agency that has been in business for 25 years. They assist many clients across a variety of industries with their marketing needs, through both traditional and digital methods. MM prides themselves on the relationships they build—they bring their passion and excitement to each client.

They are consistently looking for better ways to get results to bring their clients something more powerful—and they found it. They partnered with Genius Monkey to introduce programmatic marketing into their client offerings.

The Challenge

The Marketing Machine wanted to boost their client’s marketing results tenfold, looking for more conversions with less money spent. Basically, they wanted an affordable, powerful program that they could see results with. Enter Genius Monkey.

The main challenge was to bring programmatic to a variety of clients across different verticals, from HVAC to Healthcare, and to do so in a way that showed consistency while educating clients about the power of digital marketing.

Creative Director Paul Spinak said that programmatic was a “tactic we could bring to a client and say, ‘Instead of spending $10,000 a month, we could spend half of that and still have the kind of exposure your company would benefit from.’” Spinak said that programmatic is a way to bring a higher level of awareness to brands, which was one of the things that appealed to him about programmatic in general.

Marketing Machine focused on these primary goals with their programmatic vendor:

  • Increase in Conversions Increase in Conversions
  • Improve Return On Ad Spend Improve Return On Ad Spend
  • Bring Brand Awareness Bring Brand Awareness

Our Solution

Genius Monkey brought a full programmatic strategy to the Marketing Machine, giving them the tools they needed to make their clients happier than ever. By bringing in an agnostic approach as opposed to the specific media buys the Marketing Machine had done in the past, Genius Monkey was able to help drive increased conversions and return on ad spend.

In addition to great strategy and performance, the team at Marketing Machine is able to access a personalized dashboard from Genius Monkey. They pull monthly data from the Genius Monkey dashboard and share that with clients. Tayloire Queen, marketing executive, said she often uses the “Path to Conversion” report with clients to demonstrate the length of time it will take to see conversions.

“Some clients don’t understand that the life of a lead can take up to 3 months,” Queen said. “Sometimes due to budget, they want to turn things on or off, not understanding that you need to leave it turned on because it can take hundreds of impressions. For them to follow along in the report and see touchpoints and to see that lead convert and call in has been great.”

The Results

Since working together for more than three years, we’ve helped The Marketing Machine with a variety of clients:

Garner Appliance

  • Lowered CPC continuously by 28%
  • Genius Monkey responsible AVG of 24.32% of traffic
  • Shortened their sales process to get conversions faster
  • From 2020 to 2022, the amount of conversions that took place in < 7 days increased 103%

Margaux’s Restaurant

  • Maintained a below industry average CPC and CPM
  • Lowered CPC by 49.74%
  • Genius Monkey has grown their overall conversions while being responsible for over 60% of them on a monthly basis

Carolina’s Dentist

  • Increased new visitors to the site, of which 93.44% are Genius Monkey Conversions initially targeted by Genius Monkey
  • Increased overall conversions while being responsible for more than 64% of them on a monthly basis

The Marketing Machine has developed a strong relationship with Genius Monkey over the past 4 years. They said that Genius Monkey has elevated their offerings as a whole. Though they’ve worked with other vendors and partners in the past, they realized others can’t deliver that amount of exposure to their clients that Genius Monkey can. Queen added, “I keep trying to prove it wrong but it never works out.”

Marketing executive Tayloire Queen said that she keeps an eye on other companies to make sure they’re offering the best service possible, but added, “We haven’t been able to find anything even close to the overall presence that Genius Monkey is able to offer us online,” she said.

"The very reason we stick with Genius Monkey is the reason our clients stick with us—the relationship. It’s not about trying to make an extra dollar. They’re a very powerful vendor partner of ours and have truly delivered in helping make our clients successful."

- Paul Spinak, Creative Director


With the full Genius Monkey programmatic strategy in hand, The Marketing Machine made their own clients even more successful. We helped them focus on an agnostic approach and equipped them with a dashboard full of data, improving their client’s conversions, return on ad spend, and overall satisfaction.

In addition, we created a relationship based on trust, values, and shared goals, providing them with top-level service from a real team of Genius Monkey professionals.