Telemedicine Company sees 150% increase in patient consults and 300% ROAS within first 4 Months using Genius Monkey


Headquartered in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, this telemedicine company treats over 70+ conditions online nationwide. From men and women’s healthcare to pediatrics and lab testing, their goal is to provide affordable healthcare to everyone, and they do this by offering one flat fee without insurance or appointments needed. This company wanted to break into the audio space and increase their patient consults and overall reach. Their growth marketer said they were in “desperate need of expansion” in all areas of marketing. Then they found Genius Monkey—a team of professionals ready to help them meet and exceed their goals.

The Challenge

In the telemedicine industry, timing is crucial—during cold and flu season, patient visits typically increase, so it’s important to execute and gain new traffic in this time period. This company was marketing mainly through social media but had not tried much display or audio—the little display they had tried was not consistent. They were also having difficulty breaking into audio because Spotify and similar networks had high minimums and were not able to provide the support they needed.

They also wanted to try OTT to be able to increase branding exposure and generate increased impressions. Another specific goal was increasing average patient consults per day. They monitor “completed patient visits” daily and keep a close eye on how many people receive consults. In short, this company was looking to break into audio, OTT, and have a better all-around digital presence to boost their marketing efforts.

This Telemedicine Company focused on these primary goals with their programmatic vendor:

  • Seasonal Audience Targeting Seasonal Audience Targeting
  • Expand Into Audio and OTT Marketing Expand Into Audio and OTT Marketing
  • Increase Patient Consults Increase Patient Consults

Our Solution

After choosing Genius Monkey for their data-driven approach and customized client dashboard, among other qualities, this telemedicine company was ready to move forward. Genius Monkey was able to do what this company never thought was possible—break into the audio and OTT space with a budget they had previously been told “would never work” by other vendors, as well as increase patient consultations.

Their growth marketer had this to say about working with Genius Monkey: “Using audio from Genius Monkey was not only a money saver, but we got into that audio space and had conversions. That was a great way to save money at a low cost per acquisition and a huge return on ad spend with Genius Monkey.”

After opening up the audio space, Genius Monkey suggested adding display ads, creating a more well-rounded marketing approach. One aspect of Genius Monkey this client appreciated was that they didn’t feel pressured to increase their budget or hand over more money, which is what most other marketing companies will do. They said they felt like Genius Monkey was part of their own team because “they treat your money as if it’s their money and they want the best results . . .”

The Results

Genius Monkey increased almost every aspect of this company’s marketing, and it’s still continuing to grow. In the first four months, they saw big results:

  • 300% return on ad spend
  • 150% increase in completed patient consultations
  • 50% are new patients out of all patient consults after working with Genius Monkey
  • Improved tracking with pixel and product ID tracking
  • Launched audio advertising, something they never thought possible with their budget

In healthcare advertising, most people don’t convert right away because they aren’t sick or don’t need it the first time they see the ad. That’s why following the customer journey through the Genius Monkey data is so crucial. Through Genius Monkey, the telemedicine company was able to see specifics on customers, like what conditions they were searching, how many touchpoints they needed before moving forward, and what place they converted in their customer journey.

In addition to the data-driven results, this company improved the way they approach marketing overall. Their team had this to say about working with Genius Monkey: “It’s seamless and easy to communicate with them. The data has been a game changer. I’m in the dashboard every day and it’s made me question other marketing initiatives and how else we can add to them. You want that for all of your marketing.”

"I feel like we’re working for the same company because we talk all the time; it’s seamless and easy to communicate with them. The data has been a game changer."

- Bailey, Head of Marketing


Through audio, OTT, and display ads, Genius Monkey helped increase this telemedicine company’s patient visits by 150% and return on ad spend by 300%. The data-driven approach continually showed improved results, and the Genius Monkey team was always nearby to answer questions or
strategize together.

“Genius Monkey cares about where your money is going and how it’s spent,” their marketer said. “The planning is intense but so easy. In marketing, it’s easy for people to push you to work with them and the difference with Genius Monkey is they actually really do work for your benefit.”