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Case Study

Real Estate Related Company Achieves Lowest Cost Per Lead




Genius Monkey was recently approached by the leaders of an organization that's renowned for creating exit solutions for timeshare owners. They were in search of a digital marketing company that could help them accomplish three goals:

First, they wanted to drive new (qualified) traffic from owners who wanted out of their timeshare commitments. Secondly, they wanted to create an online web-to-lead form to generate online leads. And lastly, the tertiary goal was to reduce the cost-per-lead (CPL) to $100.

The marketing team of Genius Monkey was up for the challenge, and went to work creating a strategy that would:

Genius Monkey implemented a highly-effective programmatic campaign, and utilized their proprietary attribution tracking. This allowed the team, as well as the client, to see the results in real-time as they came to fruition, and the outcome was impactful.

The initial month of the Genius Monkey campaign yielded a CPL of $204. By the end of the third month, it had dropped considerably to $60, which far surpassed the goal of the client. This number of leads prior to Genius Monkey indicated an improvement of 340% from the first month. Six months into the campaign, the CPL had dropped to an astounding $26, which was an improvement of 780% over month one. The CPL leveled out with a $42.59 CPL over the life of the campaign, and needless to say, the client was very pleased. Especially in light of the fact that 94.2% of the users who have submitted leads had never engaged with the client's site prior to seeing a Genius Monkey ad!

Genius Monkey was able to significantly decrease the Cost Per Lead compared to previous marketing acquisition efforts by other companies. It was blatantly evident to the client, whose expectations were greatly surpassed, that the conversions were a result of the highly-targeted, tactically-placed programmatic impressions.

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