Auto Dealer Boosts Web Traffic & Sales with Genius Monkey

  • 53% overall increase in web traffic after only one month of Genius Monkey's programmatic platform implementation
  • 35.5% of that attributed directly to the programmatic platform.
  • 17.5% is estimated increase in organic Traffic due to natural increased brand awareness
  • New car sales increased by 15%
  • Dealership to ramp up programmatic efforts for all sales locations

A group of auto dealerships in the Western United States came to the realization that while they excelled in customer service and quality products, their advertising effectiveness was in a declining state. They weren't getting an adequate amount of internet traffic, negatively impacting their sales. In addition, the organic traffic that they were receiving was low, most likely due to a lack of brand awareness. This affected the sales figures, impacting their bottom line. They recognized the need for a change in their marketing structure, and called Genius Monkey. The marketing scientists of Genius Monkey, based in Tempe, Arizona, specialize in optimized programmatic advertising and tailoring digital marketing structure for businesses of all types.

Before Genius Monkey joined in their marketing efforts, the majority of the client's ad spend was going towards a more traditional advertising platform, incorporating radio and television ads that were aimed at the general local population rather than a specific targeted audience; one that would be most prone to manifest an interest or make a purchase.

Genius Monkey went to work, doing what they do best. They put together a marketing strategy that included real-time video, image ads, retargeting, search and social. Utilizing their proprietary Optimize Video and Optimize Display, they began to maximize the digital impact for the dealership. Both of these tools incorporate all of the networks, across all channels in order to produce and deliver quality content and target customers-specifically those that are shopping for cars. Both of these special high-tech tools enable clients of Genius Monkey to automate their media buys and drive specifically targeted leads.

After only one month of Genius Monkey's involvement with their marketing efforts, the dealership has realized an overall increase in web traffic of 53%. 35.5% of that is attributed directly to the programmatic platform. In addition, there was an uplift in organic traffic of 17.5%, which is a result of a boost in brand awareness. The increase in web traffic and brand awareness resulted in a significant boost in new car sales of 15%, which left no doubt as to the effectiveness of the digital platform established by Genius Monkey.

In order to maintain the forward momentum for their dealerships, Genius Monkey continually monitors the advertising results from front to back, running various forms of multivariate testing to assure that traffic engagement remains peaked, and that the video and digital banner ads remain optimized to their fullest potential.

Recognizing the effectiveness of Genius Monkey's programmatic marketing platform, the client concluded that it would behoove them to implement the same program for all their sales locations.