Pro Sports Team Ticket Sales See 572% Return on Ad Spend

Genius Monkey was recently tested with an American professional sports team. They were seeking an improvement in the effectiveness and performance of their current digital display marketing platform. They indicated that their ultimate goal was to drive up high-quality online conversions, thereby boosting ticket sales.

The Genius Monkey marketing team assembled to create an effective strategy to bring the client's desired improvements to fruition. The approach the team took was to strategically place targeted banner, social and native ads, while incorporating effective And-Or-If" statements towards a specifically targeted crowd. Some of the factors that determined the key demographics and behaviors were:

  • Adults 18+
  • Avid sports fans of this client's particular sport
  • Consumers that purchased tickets during the previous season
  • Local university graduates and alumni
  • Local military personnel
  • Previous "Opening Night" ticket holders
  • Fans of competing teams

Genius Monkey gathered the information they needed to seek out these targeted consumers, using the partnerships they have developed with a vast number of behavioral database operators.

As is normal during any ad campaigns, Genius Monkey constantly monitored the effectiveness of each ad by conducting multivariate testing, pinpointing attribution and measuring the results as they went. All factors of the campaign were monitored to assure maximum effectiveness and the highest return on ad spend (ROAS). Utilizing detailed attribution tracking, and integrating with Ticketmaster, Genius Monkey was also able to track the exact number of tickets sold, as well as the value of each one.

The results indicated that Genius Monkey brought to the table an astounding 572% return on ad spend, which was between 200-300% higher than the ROAS achieved by the existing competitors/client partners. Needless to say, the client was very pleased with the outcome, and continues to utilize the advanced digital programmatic services that Genius Monkey offers.