Genius Monkey Achieves 81.5% Average Win Rate for Political Clients In 2020 Election Cycle

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Political marketing is a different programmatic animal all its own. Whether you’re an individual candidate, a Political Action Committee, or a group pushing for a bill or rights movement, you can improve every aspect of your campaign with the help of programmatic marketing. We can take your political goals and strategies and turn them into targetable action plans, which will lead to an increase in recognition, support, and, in turn, votes. And the best part? You don’t pay for impressions – only pay when your audience engages with your ad, stretching your dollars much further, providing you far greater chances for success

The Challenge

The two main challenges our political clients often face is 1) increasing name recognition and/or awareness about the bill/movement they are looking to promote and 2) finding a way to get that message to the right voters and audiences. The main reason for this struggle is that the traditional forms of political advertising—late-night TV ads and print advertising—are not targeted enough, nor do they effectively achieve branding recognition like modern methods do. With traditional buys, there is no good way to target left, left-of-center, right, or right-of-center voters, and then add in several additional layers of targeting that helps us speak directly to their issues. This traditional environment is not the most efficient and can lead to wasted ad spend.

In addition to traditional advertising methods not being highly effective, it can be very labor intensive to complete individual TV buys and other items needed to coordinate print ads. To use their ad dollars wisely, political marketing teams need to run as lean as possible to put that money where they will really affect change.

Political clients have these common goals:

  • {{ .label }} Increase Issue & Candidate Awareness
  • Target the Right Voters Target the Right Voters
  • Efficient Marketing Teams Efficient Marketing Teams

Our Solution

With programmatic political marketing, the advertiser can place their media buy in one place, but have that buy go out anywhere and everywhere, in front of the right target voters they want to find, without having to do any further heavy lifting. With the Genius Monkey platform, our clients have been able to reach far greater audiences with greater frequency for the budget, delivering more than 2X as many people versus any other digital solution and 6X as many targeted people as traditional TV, Radio, or Newspaper.

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Not only can we deliver far more for the money, but Genius Monkey is able to elevate political campaigns into a hyper-targeted brand and messaging blitz for left/right/independents, swing voters, donors, etc. with virtually limitless political targeting options. In targeting these individuals, we are able to find these voters exactly where they are online, not just where advertisers might guess they are.

Using advanced programmatic targeting, Genius Monkey found the right audiences by targeting:

  • Likely Voters
  • In Specific Geographics or voter districts
  • Affected Social Groups
  • Specific Political Leanings
  • Generations (Millennials, Baby Boomers, etc.)
  • Have Visited Specific Websites
  • Have Searched Specific Keywords
  • Have Received Emails from Specific Organizations
  • Supporters of Specific Causes

For example, during the last election cycle, a PAC that was utilizing our services was able to have a major impact by mobilizing voters across the aisle, based on speaking to local issues of changing policies and regulations. Genius Monkey delivered a highly relevant message in a targeted fashion at a fraction of the cost it would traditionally require.

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The Results

After working with Genius Monkey, these candidates have seen a 81.5% overall average win percentage. In a swing state election, a Genius Monkey PAC client was able to drive 18% cross-ticket movement results—much higher results than they had dreamed possible.

Genius Monkey Average Political Cost and Conversion Metrics

  • Display cost per click: $1.67
  • Display cost per thousand impressions: $4.87
  • Video cost per click: $1.05
  • Video cost per thousand impressions: $17.79

Industry Average Political Cost and Conversion Metrics

  • Display cost per click: $2.79
  • Display cost per thousand impressions: $6.31
  • Video cost per click: $3.45
  • Video cost per thousand impressions: $28