Personal Injury Law Firm Sees Increase in Leads, Conversions and Web Traffic with Optimized Programmatic Performance


A respected personal injury law firm that wanted to increase the amount of high-potential online traffic they were receiving each month and came to Genius Monkey for help. After only two weeks of running ads with Genius Monkey, the legal firm saw a dramatic increase in web traffic. And in less than six months, they were able to reduce both their display and video costs per lead by more than 50%, thanks to a few strategic and responsive programmatic marketing efforts.

The Challenge

The accident and injury law firm wanted to increase the amount of high-potential online traffic they were receiving each month and turned to Genius Monkey in the hopes of increasing website traffic and lead generations, thus boosting overall conversions.

The law firm had three primary campaign goals:

  • Boost Online Traffic Boost Online Traffic
  • Increase Quality Leads Increase Quality Leads
  • Increase Conversion Rates Increase Conversion Rates

Our Solution

To help this accident attorney and personal injury firm, the Genius Monkey team put together a custom programmatic campaign strategy aimed at improving the firm’s online presence and increasing the amount of high-quality traffic to their website. This included a comprehensive optimization plan and delivery schedule for their digital campaign across multiple channels. This firm started running ads with Genius Monkey at just a few thousand a month in mid-2020 and saw a significant increase in online traffic within the first two weeks and a drastic reduction in display and video CPL within the first two months.

The Results

Eight weeks into running ads with Genius Monkey the law firm was receiving an average cost-per-lead of $10 for display and $19 for video. After quickly evaluating this traffic increase and leads being driven by Genius Monkey, the accident attorney group decided to amp up their digital marketing spend. After 3-5 months, they were receiving an average cost per lead of $5 for display, a 50% reduction, and $6 for video, a 68% reduction!

  • Significant increase in website traffic
  • 50% reduction in display CPL
  • 68% reduction in video CPL
  • Significant increase in website leads


Through constant refinement of budgets, targeting, audiences, and channels, Genius Monkey was able to help this accident and personal injury law firm achieve positive gains in qualified leads, web traffic and conversions across multiple markets, while at the same time reducing their cost per lead for display by 50% and video by 68%–and all within the first six months!

  • Average Display Cost Per Click: $0.72
  • Average Display Cost Per Conversion: $21.08
  • Average Video Cost Per Click: $0.30
  • Average Video Cost Per Conversion: $27.44
  • Law offices that stay consistent with programmatic advertising for more than 12 months see lower cost per conversions of at least 15%.
  • Though it may sound enticing for accident lawyers to geofence hospitals, the data shows that blanketing entire metro areas to achieve maximum brand awareness consistently yields a better return.
  • Law firms tend to have one of the longest sales cycles, as 46% of their clients take more than 90 days to convert. This is because clients make decisions based off of pre-need brand recognition, rather than instantly searching and choosing a lawyer when they actually need one.

Genius Monkey works with law firms of every kind (personal injury, accident, employment, bankruptcy, property, etc.) so we know what it takes to level-up legal marketing efforts for optimal success–and we can do the same for you.