Open Lock, an Agency Specializing in B2B, White Labeled Genius Monkey’s Platform to Add Programmatic into Their Offerings to Help Scale Their Business


Open Lock wanted to find a marketing outlet for their clients that could reach very targeted audiences that traditional marketing mediums could not hit. Open lock works with many clients in the technology and professional services fields, so hitting the right audience at the right time was very important to them. However, they did not have the tech to be able to do this in house, so they reached out to Genius Monkey to be a white label programmatic partner of their agency.

The Challenge

Scale and efficiency are of the utmost importance for agencies who work with limited team sizes. Smarter agencies, like Open Lock, know that with a limited team you cannot always be great at all things. That is why it is important to be able to find dependable partners who can whitelabel as part of their agency. Open Lock knew it would be verycanales hard to try to hire an internal programmatic expert to run their campaigns in house. They were also running into roadblocks while reaching out to various programmatic vendors, as they either had year-long contracts, minimums that were too expensive, no plug-and-play integrations, and no white label services to offer. Open Lock needed the exact opposite. They needed a service that could help them expand their business and offerings when they needed to without having to lock into a contract or hire more team members. They needed a partner that was an extension of their team.

Open Lock had set these primary goals while finding a programmatic vendor:

  • White Label Capabilities White Label Capabilities
  • No Long-term Contracts No Long-term Contracts
  • Effective Targeting and Campaigns Effective Targeting and Campaigns

Our Solution

Open Lock approached Genius Monkey, who met all of the criteria they were looking for in a programmatic partner; no high minimums, no contracts, outstanding reporting and integrations, and high effective campaigns. Once they vetted and found Genius Monkey to be a good programmatic vendor, they began the white label partnership in which Genius Monkey became an extension of their team. Genius Monkey was available for client calls, acting on the agency’s behalf, and provided white label versions of all documents, such as onboarding and targeting questionnaires. They also provided a white label reporting dashboard that looked like that of Open Lock.

Once onboarding and white label setup was complete, Open Lock had a b2b technology client that needed to hit a very targeted audience. They wanted to split test programmatic with Genius Monkey versus a database-targeted campaign in Linkedin. The results speak for themselves.

The Results

After running a simultaneous campaign with Genius Monkey and LinkedIn, the results were very clear as far as which was more effective in hitting the right target audience.

LinkedIn Results:

  • Cost per click: $12.14
  • Total conversions: 20
  • Cost per conversion: $150
  • Website traffic generated (per Google Analytics): 1%

Genius Monkey Results:

  • Cost per click: $0.90 (172% lower)
  • Total conversions: 106 (137% more conversions)
  • Cost per conversion: $84
  • Website traffic generated (per Google Analytics): 63%

Genius Monkey Conclusions

  • Cost per click: 172% lower cost per click
  • Total conversions: 137% more conversions
  • Cost per conversion: 56% lower cost per conversion
  • Website traffic generated (per Google Analytics): 194% more traffic generated

However, not only were the metrics very different, the level of reporting really stood out to both the client and the agency, making the agency look like real experts in the programmatic space for having extremely detailed path-to-conversion reporting.

Linh Judin, Open Lock founder and owner, had to say this about the white label Genius Monkey reporting:

"The path to conversion reporting is PHENOMENAL. That alone blew my clients socks off because they’re able to see how effective programmatic ads are and what they can expect for future campaigns going forward. The customer journey reporting really helps us build our case when it comes to building our strategies for future services, moving forward."

- Linh Judin


“Working with GM is not a typical vendor relationship. I would say they’re more like an extension of our team. We’re pretty much partners because there’s so much trust between us. If we come across anybody that has the same needs that we have, I’d be more than glad to refer them to Genius Monkey. That’s because I trust them so much and I know they will provide great work and wonderful service. And, regarding the data behind it, I can’t talk enough about the data. It’s so good!” - Linh”