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Case Study

Nationwide 55 Plus Community Home Builder Sales Up by 80%

A renowned U.S. homebuilder that develops 55+ communities recognized the importance and effectiveness of programmatic advertising, a platform in which Genius Monkey specializes. The company changed nothing, other than to move their digital advertising budget to Genius Monkey, rather than remaining at the firm they had previously been using. Their goals were laid out. They wanted to:

Genius Monkey went right to work implementing a system that focused more on targeting the buyers; specifically, those who had the most propensity to purchase a home in a 55+ environment. Specific categories, such as demographics, psychographics, specific geographical areas, offline behaviors, keyword searches, websites visited, emails from competitors and similar purchases were examined to find those who were most likely to purchase a home. That covers a very large spectrum of home buyers, and the banner ads went where they needed to go to be seen by the right crowd.

The homebuilder utilized Genius Monkey's proprietary technology called Optimize Display. This technology uses efficient, banner-based optimized display advertising services across all channels and networks, using real time bidding (RTB advertising). In doing so, the behavioral targeting became virtually limitless for the homebuilder. This is partly due to the fact that Genius Monkey has an extensive number of partnerships with behavioral database operators, facilitating their ability to target, and strike, any demographic that matches the needs of the company.

The increase in web traffic and brand awareness had a profound effect on the overall company sales. Within a month, the builder reported an 80% uplift in sales. In addition, due to the efficiency of Genius Monkey's programmatic platform, the company was able to realize all of this success without increasing their ad expenditures.

In Summary

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