Leisurely Living Community Gets a Boost from Genius Monkey

A respected retirement living facility set goals to increase the number of high-potential visitors they were getting per month. They turned to Genius Monkey to establish a digital programmatic marketing platform in the hopes of increasing quality website traffic and lead generation.


The Core KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) in this test was to increase online traffic and, more importantly, increase leads. This was to be done by programmatically diversifying channels and targeting via the Genius Monkey platform. Website content digestion/customer journey was to be shifted from just homes to more of a membership, wellness, lifestyle and holistic view of the complex.


They are a very high-value retirement/senior-living home and wanted to target an affluent audience. Here at the shop, Genius Monkey targeted users, based upon some basic CRM data, including users over the age of 45, with a household income of over $100k, skewing towards females in the Atlanta area. We also worked with the client to develop a lengthy list of competitor-websites and associated-websites that this affluent audience would likely be frequenting … then we retargeted those sites' users (yes that's really what we just said). In addition, we ran some smaller retargeting campaigns to go along with our new acquisition, Optimize Display campaigns, because we knew that with this high of a price point we would need to stay in front of anyone who was remotely interested, and had viewed the sites (especially the floorplans).


From their initial start with Genius Monkey, they not only saw an increase in impressions and site traffic in the first month, but leads and conversions jumped up right away, as well. Over time, they continued to see the following results:

Users: 172.27% increase

New Users: 185.73% increase (very important to successful creating a bigger funnel)

Pageviews: 37.53% Increase

Conversions: 100% Increase

Since running Genius Monkey consistently for a few months, they are averaging about 10,000+ conversions. On top of this, Genius Monkey has touched (with either an impression or click) 85% of those users that converted. The overall percentage increase in stats have shown our strategies to be very successful. So much so, that this client is working on a plan to increase budgets so that we can stay in front of their users even more often, as they now realize frequency and repetition are key with their marketing plan.

In Summary:

  • Website users up 172%
  • New users up 186%
  • Sessions up 142%
  • Pageviews up 38%
  • Conversions up 100%
  • Website content digestion/customer journey successfully shifted from just homes to more of a membership, wellness, lifestyle and holistic view of the complex.