Gravitational Marketing Increased One Client’s Sales MoM by 59% and YoY by 30% With Programmatic Solution


Gravitational Marketing is a lead-gen agency that has seen great success with its traditional marketing avenues, largely thanks to their media-agnostic efforts to find the ideal audience for their clients (gee, that sounds familiar!). Ambitious plans to reach new markets meant finding a new solution, so they came to the Genius Monkey platform to see how it could help them continue to dominate at the next level. In a very short time, they and their clients saw how a strong programmatic platform can not only grow quickly, but also efficiently.

The Challenge

Gravitational Marketing is all about dominating within their media: getting their clients’ messages seen with high frequency and great effectiveness. They started with linear mediums like print, radio, and television broadcasts before eventually expanding to other processes like paid search, paid social, landing page optimization, and more. All of these helped their largely local clients dominate within their space, but co-founder Travis Miller realized it wasn’t quite enough. “Clients were looking to grow, but were using every opportunity we’d brought them and they were hungry for more.”

Advancing technology also exacerbated an increasingly segmented audience; you used to be able to reach your audience through one or two channels, but now they’re spread out over dozens. Programmatic seemed the logical solution, but Jimmy Vee – the other co-founder – said that “the learning curve and the required manpower on that expanded scope is a dramatically high barrier to entry to executing it in-house.” Travis and Jimmy did not want to hire more people to their agency to run the day-to-day programmatic; they wanted a solution that could manage it for them and streamline processes for their agency, ultimately making them look like the experts to their clients.

Gravitational promised dominance, and had no plans on letting up on that core value. That meant finding a programmatic platform that offered expanded reach with increased frequency that could be easily integrated into and support existing campaigns. Additionally, Gravitational values in-depth reports that they can use to not only improve their efforts, but also to show their clients exactly how they are making a difference – no “spray-and-pray” tactics here.

Gravitational Marketing focused on these primary goals with their programmatic vendor:

  • Expanded Targeting Solutions Expanded Targeting Solutions
  • Clear Reporting, Data, and Metrics Clear Reporting, Data, and Metrics
  • Fully Managed with Minimal Learning Curve Fully Managed with Minimal Learning Curve

Our Solution

With Gravitational Marketing’s goals laid out, it was clear they needed more reach than their traditional mediums were providing. Genius Monkey put together a comprehensive plan for each of the Gravitational Marketing clients coming to the platform, showing just how far of a reach it could provide and helping them re-establish the ‘market dominance’ they were after. For each of the Gravitational Marketing clients that came over, their campaigns were running on 15+ DSPs and networks, getting them truly everywhere their audience could be.

In addition, Genius Monkey helped customize their dashboard so the Gravitational Marketing staff could quickly find conversion metrics and other KPIs without needing to dig through all the numbers. Gravitational works in a variety of verticals dictated by their clients, so we made sure the interface was clean and clear across their numerous campaigns.

The Results

By taking full advantage of our suite of targeting tools and dashboard, Gravitational delivered the promised expansion and dominance to their clients:

Client A

After only one month of integration, a client reported their highest-ever record month in terms of revenue and RO

Client B

A car dealership in Indiana saw a consistent reduction in CPM despite holding a steady budget; more impressions for the same amount of money. The increase in impressions led to growing conversions despite being a down market in the automotive industry at the time.

Client C

Another client – which had previously capped out on traditional media outlets – reported MoM increases of 59% and 43% in the first few months, and a YOY increase in sales of 30% after just one year on the Genius Monkey platform.

Gravitational themselves were very happy with the collaborative work of the Genius Monkey team, praising the “plug-and-play” nature of the dashboard integration. Vee noted it was: “Simple to set up, simple to execute. Genius Monkey was always there, just a phone call away for advice in setting up accounts, creative, and targeting.”

"Simple to set up, simple to execute. Genius Monkey was always there, just a phone call away for advice in setting up accounts, creative, and targeting."

- Jimmy Vee, Co-Founder


When a marketing agency was looking to maintain its quality at scale, Genius Monkey provided the tools to easily find customers outside their normal scope and efficiently process the data that came with the expansion. Within a very short time, Gravitational Marketing clients were experiencing record sales, expanded customer bases, and more branding reach than ever before. In essence, Travis Miller said that “Genius Monkey was the gateway to the more our clients were looking for.”

Miller went on to say that “it’s platforms like Genius Monkey that help us fulfill and deliver on our promise to our clients”. Jimmy Vee agreed and concluded, “Genius Monkey delivers the goods.”