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Case Study

Genius Monkey Boosts Adventure Trip Bookings

The digital marketing ad agency representing one of the premier Arizona-based adventure tour companies in the Southwest, specializing in invigorating and informative off-road excursions and outdoor experiences, recently partnered with Genius Monkey. They were seeking help with boosting ROAS, brand awareness and bookings for their client's various adventure trips.


Develop a report for the agency to present elevated Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) numbers to their clients. The Core KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) in this test were to increase online traffic and boost trip bookings without increasing their digital ad-spend. The agency also wanted to create a visual representation of the digital marketer's ROAS for comparative purposes and to show the effectiveness of Genius Monkey's digital programmatic platform. This was to be done by programmatically diversifying channels and targeting the right crowds.


Genius Monkey targeted the Arizona adventure-prone audience, based on:

We also developed a lengthy list of items to monitor and target, such as:

Results After First 4 Months

From their initial start with Genius Monkey, they not only saw an increase in impressions and site traffic in the first four weeks, but travel bookings were boosted considerably.


The overall percentage increase in statistics has once again proven our digital programmatic strategies to be very effective. The average ROAS for this client was boosted 2,047.50%.

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