Liberty Buick Auto Dealership Sees a 54% Reduction in Cost Per Lead


The subject of this case study is Liberty Buick, a well-established and highly respected Buick dealership in the southwest region of the United States. Their business strategy was built on the foundation of creating customer relationships – one at a time. Their mission is dedicated to product, service and community.

They teamed up with Genius Monkey in hopes of taking advantage of our cutting-edge programmatic technology to reach their desired goals.

The Challenge

The Core KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) in this case were to increase sales, maintain bookings, boost the number of phone calls, increase Form Fills and expand the number of Vehicle Description page views. This was to be done by programmatically diversifying channels and targeting via the Genius Monkey platform.

Liberty Buick had three primary campaign goals:

  • Boost overall sales Boost overall sales
  • Increase phone calls and form fills Increase phone calls and form fills
  • Increase “Vehicle Description” Page Views Increase “Vehicle Description” Page Views

Our Solution

Running campaigns per vehicle-class (sedan, truck and cross over campaigns). Also, Genius Monkey incorporated campaigns targeted specifically towards business owners for truck campaigns (and other models), as well as some specific incentive campaigns towards military members, since the dealership is near a base. To achieve this, Genius Monkey crafted an advertising plan that would:

  • Programmatically diversify channels while running ads according to vehicle-class
  • Target specific buyers based on vehicle-class of each campaign
  • Offer incentive campaign ads geared toward military personnel (based nearby)

The Results

In 2017, prior to Genius Monkey’s intervention, the client was paying $5.81 per website user, $3.41 per website session and $124.35 per lead (form fill or call). Once Genius Monkey joined the team, the results became evident right away.

Now, after two years of consistently running with Genius Monkey, the client is paying $2.39 per website user, $1.28 per website session and $71.27 per lead. That is a 54% decrease in cost per leads. Not only did their cost per lead go down, total leads increased significantly, as well.

  • 54% reduction in overall cost per leads
  • Boosted number of incoming leads significantly


Genius Monkey once again responded to the distress call of a business wanting to increase traffic and sales. We answered the call and were able to deliver; not just meeting expectations, but exceeding them… one conversion at a time.