Canales Furniture Saw Over a 900% Increase in Online and In-Store Visitors After Adding Programmatic to Their Marketing Strategy


Canales Furniture is a family-owned furniture and appliance company with 17 locations in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. What distinguishes Canales Furniture from other competitors is their family-oriented customer service and high-quality products. They wanted their customers to trust and believe in their brand, as well as visit their stores in-person. They mainly relied on word-of-mouth marketing until they saw what Genius Monkey could provide for them—the power and personalization of digital marketing.

The Challenge

The main challenge Canales Furniture faced was increasing foot traffic to their retail stores. They also wanted to shift away from only using traditional marketing methods toward including more targeted digital advertising.

Before working with Genius Monkey, their primary advertising method was sending paper mailers to homes in the area or relying on word-of-mouth referral marketing. But by sending their mailers to such a large population, they never really knew if they were targeting the right audience. They also struggled to reach new audiences and customers.

Their target audience included families, specifically Spanish-speaking Hispanic families. Canales knew that using Genius Monkey for their digital advertising would boost their online presence, but they were most excited to see how it would impact their in-person foot traffic.

Purchasing larger pieces, like furniture or appliances, is vastly different than purchasing footwear or clothing online—more time and thought often goes into larger furniture purchases, and traditional mailers and marketing was not helping to push that needle. That’s where Genius Monkey came in to help.

Canales Furniture wanted to focus on these primary goals with their programmatic vendor:

  • Increasing Foot Traffic in Stores Increasing Foot Traffic in Stores
  • Targeting Family Demographics Targeting Family Demographics
  • Boost Online Presence Boost Online Presence

Our Solution

Genius Monkey came in and began running display and video ads for Canales Furniture, targeting Spanish-speaking families in specific geographical areas. They helped boost the company’s branding and exposure, especially with the store’s name and logo, bringing more visitors to the website. This, in turn, brought more visitors to the actual stores.

Each time Canales Furniture opened a new store, Genius Monkey ran promotional campaigns for those locations, offering specific discounts for customers who came to the store to shop.

The Canales marketing team specifically noted the usefulness of being able to quickly see reporting on who was engaging with their ads and could even see details like age, gender, demographics and more through the Genius Monkey dashboard.

The Results

With Genius Monkey’s platform and targeting, Canales Furniture saw amazing results in-store and online. Since working with Genius Monkey in 2018, they’ve seen more than a 887% increase in new website visitors and a 900% increase in in-person store visitors.

Marketing Director Mylene Mitchell said, “We are very happy with the results we’ve seen with Genius Monkey—the conversion rates we’ve had is amazing because we are getting conversions from customers that are interested in our line of products.”

Mitchell also gave praise to the user-friendly Genius Monkey dashboard, saying, “We love reviewing and analyzing the numbers, seeing male vs. female, age, and demographics. That’s very important for us to see how our campaigns are working, as well as the pages that are working the best on our website.”

"We are very happy with the results we’ve seen with Genius Monkey—the conversion rates we’ve had is amazing because we are getting conversions from customers that are interested in our line of products."

- Myelene Mitchell


Through a new digital advertising strategy and improved targeting, we were able to find the right customers in the Texas area and lead them to the front door of the Canales Furniture store. Canales Furniture continues to work with us on their website traffic and in-store sales.

Mitchell described Genius Monkey as “a very trustworthy company that’s transparent—they truly want to do the best for us and have truly amazing people there, always sharing and reviewing information. They take the time to provide us with the best service possible.”