Brickhouse Nutrition Lowered their Cost per Acquisition by 66% after Starting Programmatic with Genius Monkey


BrickHouse Nutrition is a lifestyle brand that creates science- and research-backed products, ranging from nutrition, sports supplements, whole food bars, collagen, and more. BrickHouse focuses on unique products that are backed by doctors. They wanted to increase revenue and lower their cost per acquisition, but they had been churning through agencies unsuccessfully trying to find vendors who could meet their goals. They didn’t know about programmatic marketing until they found Genius Monkey.

The Challenge

BrickHouse Nutrition had never worked with a programmatic vendor, so working with Genius Monkey brought new challenges like understanding how programmatic worked, interpreting and analyzing reports, testing new mediums, and pushing budgets while spending wisely. Their main objective was to lower their cost-per-acquisition.

They also wanted to target different audiences, since they sell a variety of products with a different audience for each product. For example, one supplement may help truck drivers keep up their energy on long-distance drives, while another helps office workers with sore muscles and another focuses on nutrition for kids on the go. They needed a programmatic approach that could generate topline online sales while also drilling down to specific audiences to generate awareness of more niche products.

Because the health and wellness market is so saturated and full of competition, BrickHouse Nutrition also wanted to differentiate themselves from their competitors and show how their lifestyle products are healthier, more effective, and better than similar brands.

BrickHouse focused on these primary goals with their programmatic vendor:

  • Lower Cost per Acquisition Lower Cost per Acquisition
  • Target New Audiences Target New Audiences
  • Differentiate from Competitors Differentiate from Competitors

Our Solution

Genius Monkey initially focused on display advertising and then grew to add in audio and OTT after four months. Genius Monkey worked with BrickHouse Nutrition to grow their budget at a steady pace so that growth was sustainable. Myles Girard, BrickHouse CEO, said that his business approach was a “step on the gas” strategy, but he appreciated the advice from Genius Monkey to focus on hitting KPIs first and reaching specific goals before flying full speed ahead.

Genius Monkey brought in a full mix of video, display, and native advertising. Genius Monkey tested strategies, including marketing specific SKU’s and products versus marketing more general categories of products to analyze which was performing best.

Genius Monkey was able to shape campaigns depending on the audience, i.e. products that are more female facing, some that are geared toward males, and even one that is focused on parents trying to get their kids to eat their greens.

With a full mix of mediums, Genius Monkey was able to give BrickHouse Nutrition a well-rounded marketing strategy that was built to last.

The Results

In April 2020, BrickHouse Nutrition had an average cost-per-acquisition of $83. Fast forward only two months and Genius Monkey was able to not only get below the goal CPA of $30 but average below $28 CPA.

  • Goal CPA: $30
  • Month 1 with Genius Monkey CPA: $83
  • Month 3 with Genius Monkey CPA: $28
  • Result: 66% decrease in CPA in just 3 months and below their goal CPA

When Brickhouse Nutrition launched their health food brand, Whole in One, Genius Monkey provided them with a growth strategy that included international testing, which is performing better than their other mediums such as paid search.

Girard said, “With Genius Monkey and programmatic, as we slowly hit the gas pedal, that approach has allowed us to spend more money and get more revenue out of it. Genius Monkey is the only company that is consistently able to bring results.”

COO Max Hennon said they’ve been with Genius Monkey for two years and has appreciated the personalized customer service. “They’ve built us custom reports out of the kindness of their hearts—they didn’t have to do that,” Hennon said. “Everything is at the touch of our fingers and we can get into our dashboard and see every little detail so we don’t see a dime that’s being wasted.”

"With Genius Monkey and programmatic, as we slowly hit the gas pedal, that approach has allowed us to spend more money and get more revenue out of it. Genius Monkey is the only company that is consistently able to bring results."

- Myles Girard, Brickhouse CEO


With an optimized strategy and improved pacing to steadily meet KPIs, BrickHouse Nutrition saw major success after partnering with Genius Monkey. In just 3 months, they not only lowered their CPA but also launched a second business with Genius Monkey’s guidance. They saw better targeting with Genius Monkey, personalized with an audience that fit each of their individual products. They learned marketing techniques and best practices through the Genius Monkey team, guiding them and educating them on programmatic, OTT, and more.