Apparel E-Commerce Site


  • Driving quality traffic that is likely to convert.
  • Increase in brand awareness and overall purchase intent.


  • Highly targeted ad placement within specific markets aimed to drive shopping cart conversion.


2 Weeks into the test, when weighing the metrics from the 2 week period prior to implementation of Genius Monkey versus the 2 week period since implementing Genius Monkey; the client realized the following results:

  • 250% increase in revenue.
  • Cost Per Acquisition improved by 36% and Average Order Value improved by 5%.
  • Click Through Rate increased by 44% while the Cost Per Click improved by 7%.

Further on after initial test:

  • 3 Months into the life of the campaign; Genius Monkey has accounted for 26% of traffic in the client's largest and best performing market.
  • Since starting, 1 Month into targeting a new test market, Genius Monkey accounted for 49% of traffic driven to the site.

This American-based ecommerce apparel company specializes in comfortable clothing and unique accessories, and features a diverse portfolio of lifestyle couture for both men and women. Their targeted demographic are the fashion-savvy consumers that are typically young, and on the forefront of style, fitness and fashion.

In 2015 the company recognized the need to reach the market segment to whom their clothing line would most appeal. In this case, that would be those who are fashion conscious, and are willing to spend money on the quality and image that they want to portray. Their main objective was to get its apparel into as many households as possible by implementing new ways to reach the relevant crowd, and increase online engagement.

They brought Tempe, Arizona-based Genius Monkey on board with the goal of increasing internet traffic by those with the highest propensity to make a purchase, driving brand awareness, extending their market share and optimizing their digital influence and effectiveness.

Genius Monkey set about creating a programmatic marketing platform that would deliver a highly targeted ad placement within specific markets aimed to drive shopping cart conversions upward. They implemented their Optimize Video and Optimize Display ads to deliver relevant advertising to a specific targeted crowd. Their proprietary set of algorithms, Omni Monkey, optimizes across all variables, including devices and media access points in real time, based on performance. This ensures optimal performance and return on investment. This enhanced campaign made it much easier to reach consumers near the point of a purchase decision, across all devices and screens.

Utilizing their highly efficient banner, video, content and social-based display ads, layered with top-notch behavioral data across a massive media agnostic set of networks, Genius Monkey effectively created a massive uplift in revenue of 250% for their client. In addition, the clothing company's cost per acquisition improved by 36%, while their average order value improved by 5%. The click-through rate grew to a substantial 44%, and the cost per click improved by 7%.

Genius Monkey monitors the numbers, conducting continual multivariate testing to ensure full optimization, even as societal and financial conditions change.