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At Genius Monkey, we honor the privacy of our clients. Generally, we do not divulge their names as we share a strict NDA with each of them. However, occasionally clients will agree to share some information, as you will see in the case studies below.

How ATI Shrank Their Path to Conversion with OTT


  • generate brand awareness
  • increase student enrollment
  • boost path-to-conversion timeline


  • continue running steady ads as a campaign baseline
  • use display, video, and targeted career-field campaigns (such as HVAC, auto technician, and personal trainer programs) as controls
  • add OTT channels to ad efforts for greater reach


  • Path to conversion became substantially shorter
  • Users who took over 90 days to convert decreased from 63.5% to 35%, a 28.5% improvement
  • Users who took less than 2 days to convert improved to 22.6% from 5.1%, a 17.5% improvement
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Genius Monkey Assists Southwestern Automobile Dealership


  • Programmatically Diversify Channels
  • Increase Sales
  • Maintain Bookings
  • Boost Phone Calls
  • Increase Form Fills / Thank You Pages
  • Expand Vehicle Description Page Views


  • Ran Campaigns Based on Vehicle Class
  • Incorporated Campaigns Towards Business Owners
  • Incorporated Specific Incentive Campaigns Towards Military Members
  • Develop List of Competitor Websites and Associated Websites


  • Client is Paying 54% Less per Lead than When Genius Monkey Joined the Team
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Genius Monkey Helps Healthcare Boost Conversions


  • Promote the employment branding and employment opportunities with nursing and physician candidates in several various fields of specialty
  • Improve awareness of special hiring events within local markets
  • Increase website visits
  • Increase email marketing contacts
  • Increase phone calls to recruiters
  • Boost the number of incoming job applications
  • Boost conversions


  • Continuous split testing with fresh, creative assets
  • Retargeting to increase applications and interactions from current site users already visiting the career site from other channels (ie, organic, direct, paid)
  • Initiating behavioral targeting to reach new candidates who hadn't visited the career site
  • Contextual targeting based on specific long - tail keyword searches
  • Competitor conquesting and associated - website targeting
  • Additional custom audiences and segments based on first and third - party data


  • Immediate improvement in the performance and service of their programmatic campaigns
  • Website numbers grew within the first 90 days
  • The career site's users numbers grew by 89%
  • Overall conversions (applications, phone calls, etc.) up more than 12%
  • At the six - month mark, website users were up 166% and conversions up by 58%
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Genius Monkey Boosts Adventure Trip Bookings


Develop a report for the agency to present elevated Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) numbers to their clients. The Core KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) in this test were to increase online traffic and boost trip bookings without increasing their digital ad-spend. The agency also wanted to create a visual representation of the digital marketer's ROAS for comparative purposes and to show the effectiveness of Genius Monkey's digital programmatic platform. This was to be done by programmatically diversifying channels and targeting the right crowds.


Genius Monkey targeted the Arizona adventure-prone audience, based on:

  • Age groups
  • Household incomes
  • Occupations matching data provided
  • Behavioral Targets - including but not limited to adventure seekers, fun, thrills, adrenaline junkies, those who enjoy the outdoors, those who enjoy camping, ATV enthusiasts, UTV enthusiasts, those who visit national parks, those shopping other adventurous activities in Arizona, etc
  • Designated Market Areas (DMA) - Certain Arizona cities and towns matching data provided

We also developed a lengthy list of items to monitor and target, such as:

  • Websites, belonging to the competitors, associated sites, Phoenix hotel sites, travel resource sites, car rental sites, and RV parks / resource sites
  • Major Arizona events and activities potential customers might attend
  • Arizona National Parks
  • Popular tourist attractions
  • Sporting events (baseball Fans looking to visit during spring training, buying tickets to games)

Results After First 4 Months

From their initial start with Genius Monkey, they not only saw an increase in impressions and site traffic in the first four weeks, but travel bookings were boosted considerably.

  • ROAS shot skyward to 2047.50%
  • Incoming phone calls upped by 175%
  • Confirmed bookings were boosted by 640%
  • Total revenue went up by 446%
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Genius Monkey Boosts Concert ROAS by Over 1,100%


  • Increase online traffic
  • Increase ROAS
  • Higher ticket sales for less $$$


  • Targeted users based on basic CRM data
  • Developed list of competitor and associated websites
  • Targeted male/female users 25 - 54
  • HHI of 75K+
  • Music fans in DFW
  • DMA radius of 150 miles
  • Known to enjoy live music
  • Known to attend concerts
  • Searching "Things to do" in DFW area


  • Substantial increase in impressions and site traffic
  • Significant boost in ticket sales
  • Average ROAS of 1,188%!
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University Yields 52% Reduction in CPA for Enrollments


They approached Genius Monkey in hopes that we could help them to increase brand awareness. They wanted to use Genius Monkey to "own their backyard" and expand their footprint. They also wanted to use us as an effective partner to incorporate a programmatic platform, target the appropriate audience and increase enrollment numbers.


We started with a general-branding campaign for the university's online division. We leveraged multiple creative sets to A/B test performance. Display image ads were very successful in the first month, and in the second month, we added in a video component. We also added a retargeting plan into the mix to build that pool of individuals which we'll plan to deploy with program-specific campaigns in the future.


We initiated a degree-specific campaign, and less than a month later, the program is having extremely strong results with the branding campaign, which they attribute to the plan put into place. CPA (Cost Per Action) for enrollments yielded a 25.6% reduction within the first month and a 52.86% reduction from the initial CPA cost by the end of month two.

Digital channels that they had previously utilized are being beat in nearly every metric. The university found incredible value in the customer journey/path to conversion data, and continue to look for additional ways we can package this data to provide insights on a macro level.

Currently, in a down enrollment market the enrollments are up 2.73% in the states where we're running, but down 5.74% in the states where the campaign is not running.

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Truck Dealership Uses Attribution and Leads to 166% ROAS


Their goals were to increase brand awareness and, in turn, increase vehicle sales.


Genius Monkey began the campaign by allocating part of their ad-spend towards Optimize Display, and a smaller part towards Optimize Video. In addition, we targeted truck enthusiasts and outdoorsy-type males, ages 25-64 with a household income of 40K or higher, after which we began conquesting after competitor sites. We also checked to see if they were receiving emails from competitors. In addition, we targeted enthusiasts in the field of trucks, off-roading, lifted trucks, hunters, fishers, outdoor sports and extreme sports.


Out of the leads in the CRM of sold vehicles, the dealership was able to match 21% of them. Of those leads, Genius Monkey was able to positively match back several of them to a converting user IP to which Genius Monkey had served an ad. That means that of the users we could obtain IP's for, Genius Monkey matched with 11% of them. With this hard data (along with knowing their average profit-per-car deal), we were able to determine a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for their advertising budget spent over 3 months. It was equal to a 166% return on their investment.

If we take this a step further and assume 11% match on all of their sales, including the ones we don't have IP's for, Genius Monkey can attribute to sales, equalling a 1,154% ROAS!

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Leisurely Living Community Gets a Boost from Genius Monkey


  • Establish Programmatic Platform
  • Increase Leads
  • Improve Website Content Absorption
  • Shift website content to adopt a complete lifestyle change


  • Target a more affluent audience for this high-value property
  • Targeted users based on basic CRM data
  • Develop list of competitor websites and associated websites
  • Retargeted the users of those sites
  • Ran retargeting campaigns to go along with our Optimize Display
  • Ran Optimize Display to stay in front of even slightly-interested users


  • Website users up 172%
  • New users up 186%
  • Sessions up 142%
  • Pageviews up 38%
  • Conversions up 100%
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Relocating Budgets of Auto Traders and Car-Type Channels


  • Increase online traffic
  • Increase leads that include inventory form fills and verified sales calls
  • Prove that reallocating existing budgets could result in a stronger performance by programmatically diversifying channels via the Genius Monkey platform


Divide the allocated budget (pulled from the Cars and Auto Traders-type channels) between video and ad display


From the initial start, they saw:

  • Increase in impressions and site traffic
  • Immediate jump in leads

Over time, they continued to see the following results:

  • Within 6 months leads jumped from 180 per month to 280 per month
  • Within 2 years, monthly leads had reached 550
  • Performance increased with and AutoTrader with less money allocated towards them
  • Leads increased due to impressions/branding produced by Genius Monkey Cost per acquisition decreased significantly
  • 36% decrease in CPA within first 6 months
  • 67% decrease in CPA within 2 years
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Case Study on Genius Monkey Click Fraud Measurement


To be able to drive the most engagement and conversions as possible from as many networks, devices and mediums as possible without ad fraud hindering performance. Regardless of the fact that Genius Monkey does not charge for potential bot traffic, they understand that performance hinges on driving the highest-quality traffic, thereby seeking out ways to continually optimize performance.


Genius Monkey theorized that if they could create a system with multiple layers of filtration in addition to what is employed by the networks and any integrated validation partners, they could take ad fraud prevention several steps further, ensuring a much higher level of performance.

  • Integrate into active campaigns that are targeting multiple networks, devices, and mediums such as banner and video display,social, native, search and retargeting
  • Utilize internal Omni Monkey quality traffic tools,along with all available validation tools at Network, DSP, trade desks and exchange levels
  • Integrate zvelo shield technology to filter this already-filtered traffic
  • Blacklist all publishers providing malicious, low-quality bot traffic or otherwise questionable traffic


  • Reduce the amount of ad fraud by over 130% compared to industry averages using effectual "Best Practices"
  • Beat out competitors by a minimum of over 300%
  • Consistently increase attributed conversions to their clients
  • Validate the fact that Genius Monkey's theory of using zvelo and internal tools to "Police the Police" proves superior results
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Pro Sports Team Ticket Sales See 572% Return on Ad Spend


Drive high-quality online conversions (ticket sales) through targeted programmatic display ads while outperforming the client's current digital display efforts.


Targeted banner, social, and native ad placements using and, or, if statements with very specific targets such as:

  • Adults 18+
  • Avid Sports Fans in this particular sport
  • Consumers that purchased tickets in the previous season
  • Local University Graduates/Alumni
  • Local Military Personnel
  • Previous opening night ticketholders
  • Fans of competing teams


572% return on ad spend-
Through detailed attribution tracking and integration with Ticketmaster, Genius Monkey was able to track the exact number of tickets sold as well as the value of each ticket showing a 572% return. This was a 2- 3 times higher return on ad spend when compared to the existing competitors /client partners.

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Real Estate Related Company Achieves Lowest Cost Per Lead


  • Driving new, qualified traffic of people who were currently looking to get out of their timeshare.
  • Successful completion of the online web lead form.
  • Client's goal was to achieve a $100 Cost Per Lead.


  • Targeted ads focusing on users who are current timeshare owners and are showing online and offline behavioral indicators of people who are looking to get out of their timeshares.
  • Tactical ad placement in front of users interested in competitor sites offering similar services.
  • A nationwide approach optimizing towards the best performing markets in real time as the industry climate is ever-changing due to the seasonality of the business.


  • First month results: $204 CPL (Cost Per Lead).
  • Third month results: $60 CPL; Improvement of 340% compared to initial month.
  • Sixth month results: $26 CPL; Improvement of 780% compared to initial month.
  • $42.59 CPL over the life of the campaign.
  • 94.2% of users who have submitted leads had never engaged with the client's site prior to seeing a Genius Monkey ad.
  • Significantly decreased Cost Per Lead compared to other marketing acquisition efforts.
    11.75% increase in Users
    7.80% increase in New Sessions
    58¢ CPC
    $2.07 Effective CPM
    0.35% CTR
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Subscription-Based B2B Program Boosts Conversion Rates


  • Drive high-quality online conversions (trial submissions)through targeted programmatic display ads under the $150 target Cost perAcquisition (CPA) goal.


Targeted banner, social, and native ad placements with very specific targets such as:

  • Small business owners
  • Nonprofit organization
  • Marketing professionals holding specific job titles
  • Audiences who have visited acompetitor's websites
  • Contextual keyword targeting for specific terms and phrases


The two weeks following the completion of the test revealed insights into Genius Monkey's ability to provide a continuing impact and significance with Attribution Tracking:

  • 276% increase in additional (conversions) trial submissions vs. the run period
  • Genius Monkey's Cost per Acquisition, as measured by the client, was 66% lower than the target CPA!
  • 9.72% increase in Sessions
  • 11.75% increase in Users
  • 7.80% increase in New Sessions
  • 58¢ CPC
  • $2.07 Effective CPM
  • 0.35% CTR
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American Travel Firm Sees Reduction in Cost Per Booking

  • To lower the cost per booking
  • Increase quality of targeted traffic
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Redefined the digital marketing budgets to a more holistic approach using the Genius Monkey programmatic platform
  • Get more ads seen by more targeted visitors at a lower cost than the previous marketing plan
  • Constantly split tested ads and pages where traffic was being driven to further capitalize on incoming traffic
  • Year over year comparison
  • Cost Per Booking decreased by over 73%
  • Total Bookings increased year over year by 8.5%
  • Conversion rates increased 33.9%
  • Current email newsletter open rate increased by 127% & CTR 23%
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Apparel E-Commerce Site


  • Driving quality traffic that is likely to convert.
  • Increase in brand awareness and overall purchase intent.


  • Highly targeted ad placement within specific markets aimed to drive shopping cart conversion.


  • 250% increase in revenue.
  • Cost Per Acquisition improved by 36% and Average Order Value improved by 5%.
  • Click Through Rate increased by 44% while the Cost Per Click improved by 7%.
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Nationwide 55 Plus Community Home Builder Sales Up by 80%

  • Goal was to find a more targeted digital advertising source utilizing programmatic

  • Company made no other changes except swapped its current digital budgets from one company to Genius Monkey

  • Sales increased by 80% after just 30 days of running with Genius Monkey

  • Saw an increase in over all site traffic and leads compared to previous campaigns
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Utah Honda Dealers Association Boosts Website Traffic 142%


  • Driving traffic to all seven dealers' websites
  • Generating higher sales to outpace the competition


  • Strategically placing online pre-roll video and image ads to appeal to in-market traffic
  • Consistently tailoring ads and placements to meet consumers where they are in the sales funnel


  • Year-over-year website traffic rises 142 percent
  • Dealers are on target to boost sales up to 10 percent in 2015
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Homebuilder's Market Rises to Number 1 with Genius Monkey

  • Recognized need for more effective ad campaign to boost online traffic and sales

  • Within 18 months Division rises to number 1 after implementation of programmatic platform. A feat that was not done in the last decade

  • Significant Jump in online traffic leads to an increase in sales

  • Genius Monkey number 1 source for non-bounce sessions for new and return visitors

  • Genius Monkey sessions "dwarf" traffic from like sources with same budget allocation

  • Optimize Video and Optimize Display generate substantial traffic and market share increase
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18-Location Pet Veterinarian Group Boosts Website Traffic

  • Redirected the marketing aim towards targeted programmatic digital ads rather than the conventional marketing that was currently being utilized

  • Spurred exponential growth including an uplift of 4,166% in visits, 5,416% in unique visitors, 1,378% in page views, 101% in website conversions, 338% in website-driven phone inquiries, 179% in social media interaction using Optimize Display, Optimize Video, Remarketing, Search & Social

  • Refined the results through a series of split testing and result-based measurements
  • Increased the response of in-market customers, creating a broader patient base
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Auto Dealer Boosts Web Traffic & Sales with Genius Monkey

  • 53% overall increase in web traffic after only one month of Genius Monkey's programmatic platform implementation

  • 35.5% of that attributed directly to the programmatic platform.

  • 17.5% is estimated increase in organic Traffic due to natural increased brand awareness

  • New car sales increased by 15%

  • Dealership to ramp up programmatic efforts for all sales locations
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