Display Overview

Average Display Ad Pricing Comparison



$0.60 - $1.09
Average Cost-per-click
$1.05 - $2.20
Average Cost-per-click
Effective CPM
Effective CPM
Cost Per Conversion
Cost Per Conversion

*Numbers vary heavily by vertical and client to client

**If source is tracked

Product Overview

Optimize Display programmatically puts your ads in front of the right people at the right time. By being device agnostic and buying targeted display ads on many different networks instead of just one, we create market competition that yields you 2-5X the reach and frequency over anyone else in the industry, making this the perfect foundation for all your marketing efforts. With programmatic banner ads you can establish brand awareness with your target audience more efficientlytrypitch than ever before. But brand awareness is not our goal, conversions are, and you’ll see those conversions with our industry-leading performance, reporting, and attribution.

Display is the back bone to any solid digital marketing plan. The low cost per impression from display campaigns allows your brand to get to the 30+ needed brand interactions to get a user to do business with you. With any other digital medium it will take 5-7x as long, which is why you should always prioritize a solid display campaign and then look to add video, audio, and OTT.


  • Pay per engagement instead of per impression
  • Placements on all devices, sites, apps, and more
  • Virtually Limitless behavioral targeting
  • Real-Time Optimization using real data of what’s working
  • Deep reporting with full view-through & click-through attribution

Programmatic Display Ads Can Be In The Form Of:

Web Banner Ads

Web banner ads

Mobile Banner Ads

Mobile banner ads

Television Banner Ads

Television banner ads

Social Display Ads

Social display ads

Email Banner Ads

Email banner ads

Native Display Ads

Native display ads

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