Optimize Advertising Services

Transform your digital advertising from a guessing game to a strategic solution with a device agnostic approach
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Digital Display Ads

Extend your marketing reach to a ready-to-convert audience through precise targeting and proven attribution

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Digital Video Ads

Video tells your story as nothing else can and with programmatic pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll video content

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Digital Audio Ads

Using music and podcast streaming to deliver your message to your audience based on their behavior and interest

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Digital OTT+CTV Ads

Viewed on connected TVs, TV streaming devices, gaming consoles, mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.


The bread and butter of digital ads, Optimize Display offers the best bang-for-your-buck in the digital advertising space. Whether you’re flooding the web to get your name out there or targeting a very specific niche, impression-level tracking lets you see exactly where your audience is noticing your name. Proven attribution then allows your company to dial in a precise plan to lead them home.

More Features We Offer

  • Precision targeting to as wide or narrow an audience as you need
  • Reliable attribution to track your ROAS
  • See all the impressions; pay only for the engagements
  • Built-in validation tools to combat ad fraud and provide brand safety
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Your Programmatic Partner In Success

The Genius Monkey programmatic solution uses most effective mix of ad formats, delivery channels and devices. We use ALL available media outlets and adjust campaigns in real-time for optimal performance. Learn more about how we operate and why partnering with us for your programmatic needs in a recipe for success.