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The Undeniable Power Of Video Marketing


Nowadays, video marketing online is king. Digital video ads are so effective, in fact, they attract 300% more traffic than any other advertising method. Websites and landing pages that display videos are 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of search results and can boost your conversion rate by 80% or more. A well-placed video ad can make a brand wildly successful—and Genius Monkey is here to help. We’re more than a video advertising company. We’re a team of programmatic marketing experts who can reach even the most specific of customer profiles in order to bring you profitable results with complete attribution. We do this through digital ads such as:

  • Pre-roll video ads
  • Youtube ads
  • OTT and Connected TV (CTV) ads
  • Facebook Video ads
  • Mobile video ads
  • Native video ads
  • In-stream ads
  • Discovery ads ...and more

Let's Get Started

Your message with the highest propensity to engage at the lowest possible cost

Place ads directly in your customer’s path, leading them to where they need to be

A proprietary set of algorithms that assures that our optimization occurs in real-time

All Campaigns are monitored by a team of managers keeping AI in check

What Makes Video Marketing So Effective?

Digital video ads are extremely powerful because they appeal to our emotions in a way other advertising mediums cannot. By combining color, sound, and movement, videos can tell a story that engages the senses and connects with consumers on a personal level. With the right viewership, YouTube ads, pre-roll video ads, and other digital ads can be a very effective tool in growing brand awareness. Genius Monkey knows how, when, and where to best use video advertising in order to drive programmatic ad campaign success for our business partners. One of our clients even found that over 52% of their conversions were due to clicks-through a few programmatic video ads on their website! We want to help you achieve that same kind of video marketing success.

Who Do You Want Your Digital Ads to Reach?

By utilizing a video advertising company like Genius Monkey for your video marketing needs, you can advertise directly to customers who have already indicated (in one way or another) that they’re interested in your brand’s service or product. We offer highly-specific targeting when it comes to consumer profiling, so you can rest assured that your ads are viewed by in-market customers with high conversion potential. General marketing efforts can waste time and money on non-interested consumers. But with our programmatic marketing process and proven methods of customer targeting, we can protect your ad spend. We put your programmatic video ads in front of the right audience, at the right time, to bring you optimal results and positive ROIs. And with our live client dashboard, you can view all reporting in real-time, including full attribution tracking down to a single ad, so you can successfully track your true cost-per-conversions. With Genius Monkey, it’s not about what works: It’s about what works best.

An Ad Platform Built For Results... Proven Results!

Reach more targeted people for less, with proven tracking, attribution, and optimized real-time programmatic display and video ads.

Real-Time Optimization

Measurement & Validation

Proof is in the pudding. Live reporting with conversion tracking & full attribution. Built-in video anti-fraud placement & protection.


All Digital Marketing Ads are Media & Device Agnostic

Cds run across all networks & devices under one optimized display and/or video campaign.


Unrestricted Behavioral Targeting

All the top databases layered together for high-precision targeting on all programmatic marketing ads.


Digital Marketing Campaigns with Real-Time Optimization

Our proprietary advertising management system removes guesswork & optimizes performance.


Quants With Human Oversight® On All Programmatic Ads

We keep the AI in check. Digital ad campaigns fully managed by our dedicated team of programmatic marketing monkeys.


Let's get your conversion rates climbing!

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