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Programmatic Is A Winning Strategy For Political Advertising

How We Manage Political Advertising

At Genius Monkey, we understand that political advertising is a form of marketing designed to influence or comment upon a matter of extensive political debate. Our programmatic advertising plan includes marketing ads and communication about a particular political party, representative or candidate, marketing political issues or issues of public interest, and advertising in relation to government policies (whether published/broadcast by the government or someone else). Advertising by Government, political parties, lobby groups, and other interest groups may fall into this category. We handle all digital marketing campaigns with the utmost importance and respect, helping your programmatic political ads achieve maximum exposure to your specified target audience.

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So What Side Should You Represent?

We take our programmatic advertising plans seriously and manage them accordingly. Political advertising is not always about marketing by governments or organizations involved in the political marketing arena. These groups could include lobby groups or special interest groups. This kind of marketing may be considered informational or educational rather than political. It’s determined on a case-by-case basis. Complaints about these digital marketing advertisements, which raise issues under Section 2 of the AANA Code of Ethics, may be considered by the Ad Standards Community Panel. Political advertising includes, but is not limited to, election advertising and campaign marketing. The number of complaints received about political ads often increases during election periods.

How do We Make it Happen?

We programmatically gather and use real-time, first and third-party data to identify the absolute best-targeted audience for your online political ad campaign. We then buy digital ad inventory at the best prices, one impression at a time across multiple devices, and we do it in places your targeted audience will see. If we need to, we can work directly with publishers that already have the political marketing audience we’re looking for. These programmatic digital ads can be highly personalized based on the unique interests and behaviors of each voter. Intelligent connections are made, insights are generated and ad performance is optimized. This is all done in real-time and is far more efficient than traditional or other digital advertising methods. The precision of programmatic marketing is as magical in the political stage as it is in the private sector … and that’s pretty impressive.

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Reach more targeted people for less, with proven tracking, attribution, and optimized real-time programmatic display and video ads.

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Proof is in the pudding. Live reporting with conversion tracking & full attribution. Built-in video anti-fraud placement & protection.


All Digital Marketing Ads are Media & Device Agnostic

Cds run across all networks & devices under one optimized display and/or video campaign.


Unrestricted Behavioral Targeting

All the top databases layered together for high-precision targeting on all programmatic marketing ads.


Digital Marketing Campaigns with Real-Time Optimization

Our proprietary advertising management system removes guesswork & optimizes performance.


Quants With Human Oversight® On All Programmatic Ads

We keep the AI in check. Digital ad campaigns fully managed by our dedicated team of programmatic marketing monkeys.


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