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Proof is in the pudding. Live reporting with conversion tracking & full attribution. Built-in video anti-fraud placement & protection. Read More

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Programmatic display ads run across all networks & devices under one optimized display and/or video campaign. Read More

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All the top databases layered together for high-precision targeting on all display network advertising campaigns. Read More

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Our proprietary advertising management system removes guesswork & optimizes performance. Read More

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We keep the AI in check. Digital display network advertising campaigns fully managed by our dedicated team of programmatic marketing monkeys. Read More

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megaphone icon Display Network Advertising

At Genius Monkey, we use our programmatic platform to place display network advertising in front of a target audience composed of people who are likely to make a purchase related to the ad in question. These prospects have demonstrated behaviors, both online and offline, which indicate they are prime marketing targets for the goods or services our clients are offering. The ad content (which is distributed through items such as banner ads, native ads, social ads, etc.) is based on things that the prospects like or have shown interest in. Display network advertising is meant to find and capture the attention of customers who have demonstrated a need or desire that matches our client’s product or service.

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graph icon What Network Display Marketing is All About

The main goal of network display marketing is to catch the prospective purchaser at the right time, in the right place with the right message; not just on their laptop or television, but on all their devices, mobile or not. In addition, we appear on the networks that they frequent. That’s how we stay in front of them, primarily through banner ads, social ads, and native ads. In other words, Genius Monkey’s clients are hard to forget, because we make sure their programmatic ads are seen around every digital corner, reminding targeted audiences what they’ve been looking for and offering them an opportunity to click on the advertisement.

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search icon Is Genius Monkey Qualified to Build Success?

To the talented team at Genius Monkey, success is what we do. And we’ve had enough display network advertising experience to know how to do it well. We set the bar for creating effective and relevant programmatic marketing platforms. Our clients have met with positive results, including an increase in quality traffic, higher sales, maximum exposure and a much higher return on investment (ROI). We reach these kinds of results through the use of cookies, tracking data, time of day, day of the week, geographic location and many other factors in order to build network banner and native ads that are targeted at your specifically-tailored website visitor. Genius Monkey knows what works (and what doesn’t work) when it comes to display marketing, and we make it our mission to specialize in success—your success.

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