How Genius Monkey Works for You

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Omni Monkey + Pixel Monkey

What is the secret sauce behind Genius Monkey? The AI learning? The algorithms behind the machine? See below how two of our key components, Omni Monkey and Pixel Monkey, work together to facilitate the most efficient programmatic system out there to date.

Omni Monkey

Proprietary algorithm that automates the programmatic process of decision making based upon engagement and performance of channels, device and targeted audiences for higher impact on ROAS.

Pixel Monkey

Proprietary audience engagement tracking system that allows us to track with industry-leading detailed accuracy with little to no dependence on modeled data and feed performance data back into Omni Monkey for continued optimization.

Omni Monkey

  • Saw 37 display ads
  • Viewed 13 video ads
  • Google PPC site visit
  • Returning three-time visitor
  • No website visit




Pixel Monkey

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