July 13, 2022

Your Source of Programmatic Ad Trends: Q2 vs Q1 2022

Your Source of Programmatic Ad Trends: Q2 Vs Q1 2022

The downfall of linear and traditional marketing has given way to new marketing mediums, such as CTV and Programmatic audio, which continue to rise. Television, streaming, YouTube, and other online media platforms continue to get more use as our lives become more diverse, which has allowed marketers and media companies to reach, track and target audiences in new and exciting ways.

We are excited to bring you quarterly insights into significant marketing mediums and vertical trends Genius Monkey data has shown.

Q2 2022 vs. Q1 2022

Overall Genius Monkey CPCs decreased an average 33.46% and CPMs increased by 29.12%; however, some newer mediums saw lower CPMS as more placements are becoming available. This is evident in the 12.68% lower CPM with programmatic audio placements and 0.36% drop in premium CTV placements. CPV (cost per view) also decreased for both Audio and CTV.

When compared to the digital marketing landscape, Genius Monkey’s Q2 average CPC of $0.75 is one of the lowest in the space, according to Business of Apps, while Google Ads display has an average of $2.32 CPC, Facebook at $1.35, Instagram at $3.56, LinkedIn At $5.26, Pinterest at $1.50 and Amazon at $0.89. Of this group Genius Monkey is the lowest by a large margin.

Q2 vs Q1 programmatic data

Automotive Marketing

As expected, the Automotive space saw a 27.76% total increase in display CPCs and an average of 17.14% increase in CPMS across all mediums on the Genius Monkey platform. This increase was sparked from low vehicle inventory and higher prices, in most cases well above MSRP, causing increased market competition in the space. We expect this trend to continue until the auto supply chain issues have self corrected.

Home Services Marketing

Home services costs have also increased as expected with the demand increase of people remodeling their homes while working from home. This increase in the space drove a 26.01% increase in video CPCs and 14.8% increase in video CPMs on the Genius Monkey platform. However, this increase up to an average CPC of $0.59 and $14.82 is still well below the digital marketing landscape average costs. Facebook, for example, has an average home improvement at about 5x the Genius Monkey Platform at $2.93, as reported by

Non-Profit Marketing

The Non-profit space saw decreases of more than 31% in total CPC, which included a 29.36% drop in video and 1.7% in display

Entertainment and Sporting Event Ticket Sales

The Entertainment/Sporting Event/Ticket Sales space also saw dramatic decreases in costs, as video CPCs lowered by 71% and CPMs by 13.74%. This is likely due to increased interest in attending events again in 2022, creating a larger audience to target and more available placement, driving down costs.

Consumer Packaged Goods Marketing

Consumer Packaged Goods saw large drops in CPCs. Display CPCs dropped 8.68% and video dropped 17.73% on the Genius Monkey platform, resulting in an average CPC of $0.50 versus the programmatic industry average of $0.70.

Political Marketing

Political also saw a 16.95% drop in video CPCs and 12.62% drop in video CPMs on the Genius Monkey platform despite heading into the election cycle. Genius Monkey Display CPCs also saw a nice unexpected drop here, while competitors and the programmatic industry as a whole saw a much different story while CPCs continued to rise as more political advertisers entered the space.

Have questions or want to see how your third party marketing costs stack up against Genius Monkey Q2 stats? Contact us to get a full comparison.

Stay tuned for the 3rd Quarter update via Genius Monkey Data to see where you stand in the ever changing digital landscape.

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