March 10, 2020

Your Business, AI, and Quantifying Data

It’s difficult to know what things will look like in the business world of next year, let alone the business world of, say, 2030. But we do know that things are changing, and quickly. In some instances, the changes are a boon for the economy as a whole, as has arguably been the case with the rise of e-commerce and online selling more broadly. In others, such change seems better suited to serve the interests of insiders specially equipped to take advantage of its capabilities. Whether this has been true of Artificial Intelligence remains unclear, but that impression certainly has taken root in the minds of many. At Genius Monkey, our goal is to close the distance between AI’s capabilities and our clients’ understanding of said capabilities. There’s little to suggest that the AI community is due to slow down in terms of continued advancement - we’re here to ensure that its most promising aspects can be brought to bear in serving companies like your own.

A Broad Understanding of Business-Oriented AI

As happens so often in everyday parlance, discussion of Artificial Intelligence has been muddied by conflation of terms surrounding and pertaining to it. The difficulty is furthered by highly flexible understandings of the term “intelligence.” People very often hear “AI” and understandably imagine machines to be presently capable of higher reasoning and the like. The fact is, we’ve not come close to reaching that point, and might not be there for a very long while. Where we do find ourselves, is in a place where highly specific AI algorithms can be (and often are) applied to marketing and advertising data with extreme precision. The result is a broadened threshold for absorbing information combined with immense processing capability.

Can You Succeed Without an AI Emphasis?

So, the question is, can you maintain a competitive edge without it, or has AI become indispensable to businesses at all levels? In the short term, you might be able to do without the best in quantitative analysis, but the case for procrastinating is weakening by the day. Data is pervasive throughout the economy, and is likely to overwhelm wherever it is not understood or intelligently processed. Analysis is something the human mind can do quite well, but it invariably benefits from having an organized body of information to work with; which brings us to Quants.

How Quantitative Analysis Can Help

Genius Monkey loves the work of innovating. The proof? Our quantitative analysis (or Quants), which links AI calculating power with human ingenuity and analysis. What we deliver our clients is an AI interface that doesn’t compromise where the interpersonal component is concerned. You get the data you need, and you get it with a dose of oversight that prevents the relationship from becoming overly clinical, overly sterile. How does that sound?

Artificial Intelligence is about as complex as it’s typically made out to be, but its uses and overall potential are certainly worth understanding. We at Genius Monkey take pride in keeping up with the AI side of things, and are always working to create intuitive, data-focused resources for our clients. There’s always more to explore within the information landscape. We’re here to help you do so in a way that benefits your business, or that of your clients. We are constantly accruing knowledge and valuable experience in the AI realm — a fact that keeps our software moving in the right direction.

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