February 14, 2023

You May Know About DSP, But What About Meta-DSP?

You May Know About DSP But What About Meta-DSP

First, there came the DSP. Now, a somewhat newer term has emerged following the release of new technology—Meta-DSP. Don’t worry about trying to keep up and understanding it all—we’ll do it for you, right here in this blog.

Out of pure ease and the attempt of saving money, many advertisers choose to go with a single DSP, which limits their ad platform to the placements and costs that the DSP is able to provide at the time of the ad placement bid. In addition, many so called programmatic platforms are really just running on one DSP on the backend and disguising it.

With a Meta-DSP like Genius Monkey, however, you can bring in many DSPs and direct deals into the same platform, allowing you to buy diversely and agnostically. This creates lower costs, more conversions, and better return on investment.

What is a Meta-DSP?

By definition, a Meta-DSP is an ad tech platform that has built a software layer on top of several or many Demand-Side Platforms [DSPs] to collectively manage and operationalize campaign design, trafficking, tracking and reporting across the DSPs in one platform with a high degree of automation.

Genius Monkey Meta DSP Brings Everything Together

Marketers have traditionally managed individual DSPs separately in different consoles—which is a lot to manage. Genius Monkey’s Meta-DSP eliminates the need for this by bringing everything together into one programmatic platform that optimizes your ads for performance and moves budget in real-time to where the data shows we have the best likelihood for success and maximum ROI.

Genius Monkey paved the way in the programmatic space as one of the first Meta-DSPs. With Genius Monkey’s long-established relationships with virtually all Demand-Side Platforms and various direct deals from early on, we have been able to negotiate lower rates and be grandfathered in to avoid platform fees that newer platforms are not able to avoid.

Interested in learning more about how Genius Monkey can boost your conversion rates today?

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