March 28, 2023

What To Expect When Onboarding With Genius Monkey

What To Expect When Onboarding With Genius Monkey

We know you want the best. How do we know that? Because that’s what we want, too.

We are only interested in giving our best, every time. No cutting corners, no surprises. That’s why we’re sharing our step-by-step process when it comes to your campaign. We’ll walk you through what to expect and what you’ll get with Genius Monkey.

Let’s start with YOU. The most important part.

Meeting Genius Monkey

When you meet with Genius Monkey, you’ll share your goals and your marketing history so we can better understand your vision. And if you’re not sure where to start with goals or KPIs, we can help! That’s the benefit of a fully managed platform—we take care of you. With a self-managed platform, you don’t get that level of attention or care. Our professionals at Genius Monkey will walk you through every step of the way.

Getting Started

After choosing Genius Monkey as your programmatic partner, you’ll join an onboarding phone call with your Account Manager and Account Executive. Our team will ask for more details about your business and your overall goals for this campaign so that we can design the best strategy for you to see results.

After learning about your business, your Genius Monkey team will then work with you to create a strategy that includes programmatic services and tactics to achieve the best results for your business. For example, we often recommend starting any strategy with display ads.

Genius Monkey COO Travis Champ said, “Genius Monkey display ads are a data-backed, proven foundation to start every programmatic strategy. However, we may tailor things differently depending on the goals or ROI you are looking to achieve.”

Genius Monkey will also tailor your strategy to fit your budget. Champ gave this example to explain how it works: “If Company A comes to us with a smaller budget of $10,000 and wants to run in three different states with a generic audience, we know that’s not enough to do multiple channels, so we’d recommend just display ads first. If Company B has a larger budget, we’ll create a strategy that includes display, video, and maybe audio or OTT. If Company C has an ample budget, we’ll use all of the services and create the strongest campaign by including everything.”

After establishing what programmatic services and channels to pursue, the next step is to discuss targeting.

Targeting and Goals

Genius Monkey will receive access to your Google Analytics in order to audit website analytics and to view your existing target audience. Many clients guess when it comes to their target audience instead of relying on data, so if we have access ahead of time, we’ll be able to show you what your audience looks like. Champ said, “A lot of times we’ll actually be able to educate [the client] about their business before we’ve even started marketing for them.”

We also have 1st-party data we will use to help create a baseline targeting strategy that we know can work.

With this as a starting point, we will walk you through the many targeting ideas and options for your campaign.

Building Your Campaign

Building Your Campaign

Once Genius Monkey has all the information needed, including budget, goals, and targeting, we’ll take care of the heavy lifting. We’ll build the campaigns out into our central system instead of you having to build it into many platforms like you would be doing on a self-serve model.

Champ said, “If you were running through a self-serve platform, you’d have to build all these things on your own, with very little guidance or any point of contact to use for help. Without an experienced professional helping you, who knows what you could be missing out on?”

After our system has your information, our team will continue strategizing, adding additional targeting and setting up the conversions to fire on your site so you don’t have to do any work. We can also create the ads for you if you don’t have your own creatives or design team.

In the end, we are here to help you achieve YOUR goals. In a recent case study, Bailey Bryan, Growth Marketer for a telemedicine company, commented that “it really feels like a team effort”, and that “it feels like we’re working for the same company”. In a case study from Ashley Furniture, Rex Debord, Senior Marketing Specialist said that working with Genius Monkey was “a breath of fresh air”.

Launching the Campaign

Genius Monkey spends 3-5 days building and expanding upon the campaign, after which your campaign will soon launch. But before we go live, we’ll send you a final confirmation, which gives you 48 hours to review and proof your upcoming campaign.

After launching, you’ll have access to your Client Dashboard within 24 hours, where you’ll begin to see stats flow into the dashboard as well as tagged traffic in your Google Analytics. Champ added, “Typically, the amount of traffic we’re driving is much larger than any other traffic that your website is receiving. So you’ll see a huge jump in website traffic in Google Analytics right away.”


As your campaign gets a few days of run time, your Account Executive and Account Manager will be in touch to ensure you are able to access and understand the data that you are seeing in your dashboard. Then, after the campaign has run for a few weeks, they’ll meet with you again to walk you through your Dashboard and progress. They’ll explain the performance metrics and answer any questions you may have. You will always have your Account Executive and Account Manager that can be reached any time.

For a quick peek at how easy this process truly is, check out this under-90 second video!

Your Results

We know you’re most interested in this part—it’s all about results! We believe communication is crucial for success, so at the end of each month’s cycle, we have a call to review the reports and data from the month prior. It’s during this call when you can make changes, ask questions, or even start a new campaign or creative.

We don’t bind you with any contracts, which is different from many others in the programmatic space. Champ said, “We put our money where our mouth is, in that we want our clients to be happy, so if they want to cancel at any time, we allow that. But that rarely happens because our performance is so good.” So good, in fact, that we have an 89.7% retention rate.

Learn more about how we can help you not only reach your goals but also go above and beyond them.

Interested in learning more about how Genius Monkey can boost your conversion rates today?

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