April 24, 2017

Attributing Success to the Right Place

With the millions of websites that exist in the cyber world, the information highway can guide visitors to a practically infinite number of destinations. So how can you get potential consumers to your website? There are actually two ways that Internet surfers can get to your page. They might see your ad, which may make an impression on them, and they may navigate to it later. Or they might just click on your ad and get there right away.

Statistics tell us that about 99% of the time, people will choose not to click. And even if they do click, they’ll probably end up bouncing.

A whole lot of those people that choose not to click are actually just as likely to visit your site as the ones that do click; they just can’t be tracked with the traditional methods. This makes one wonder how to track results based on which mediums are most effective, which devices are most effective and which ad creative is most effective. You can’t possibly know what to improve on if you don’t see what ads result in the highest effectiveness.

It’s all about attribution; knowing which components should be attributed with the most success, or the lack thereof. It’s the visual understanding of just how effective your digital campaign is performing.

What if somebody enters your site because they clicked on one of your Google Search ads, after initially seeing your video and banner display ads five different times? Doesn’t it stand to reason that the video and display ads should get some credit? Or what if someone finds your site as a result of conducting an organic search, based on seeing your banner ad, or an email campaign or even a video ad several days before? Or maybe someone clicks on your ad, bounces, then comes back a month later on their own and converts? That would be useful to know!

But can you really know exactly which, out of many, conversion type was used to get someone to act? Genius Monkey says, yes! Using our proprietary attribution tracking system, you can get the true picture of just how successful your programmatic digital marketing platform really is.

Analytic programs are great and necessary, but unfortunately have no real way of tracking an impression or giving multiple credit to multiple campaigns. Meanwhile companies and organizations are making crucial market decisions with only a portion of the data … but they don’t have to. Visit us at to learn more!

Interested in learning more about how Genius Monkey can boost your conversion rates today?

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