June 5, 2019

Video Popularity - See What Digital Can "Doo" For You

Can you imagine walking into a bathroom to do your “business” and just quietly sitting there until Mother Nature tells you you’re done? Of course not, because if you’re human, you always feel the need to do or read SOMETHING while you sit on that proverbial porcelain throne of glory!

A recent poll of 2,500 adults, conducted by UKactive, revealed that:

Simply put, your average human spends as much time on the toilet as it took Sputnik to compete the first spaceflight in 1957, where it remained for 92 days. Or, with 560,000 words, Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace takes the average reader 31 hours to complete, so with the number of accumulated minutes on the pot, we could all read the epic novel twice a year!

Back in the day, people gathered their favorite reading material before going into the potty. If they forgot it, they’d just have to grab whatever was within reach. Some people get so desperate to find something to read, they grab for the toothpaste tube, the shampoo bottle or even the instructions on a can of hairspray!

Then Along Came the Smartphone

Now, in these latter days, we have taken a step up in our bathroom time passers. In fact, you can even haul the entire information highway in there with you, no matter how small your loo may be. Games, articles, social media sites, internet content and videos can now be viewed whilst taking care of business.

Genius Monkey has been preaching for years the importance of being there for your potential customers, and when we say “there,” we mean everywhere.

What Does this Mean for Programmatic Marketers?

At a time when marketers demand their ads to be highly viewable, and are agnostic about what device they’ll reach their users on, video viewing in the bathroom is a diamond in the rough. About 25% of Digital consumers indicated that they had purchased products digitally from the bathroom.

This year (2019) it’s anticipated that users will reach 223.03 minutes per day on their mobile devices, up 3.8% from the previous year. We also see a lift in time spent watching digital video, with users spending 97 minutes per day on digital video devices. With all that time online, you’d think that at least a portion of it would be reaching them in the smallest room in the house!

Genius Monkey is On It!

According to Genius Monkey’s CRO/SVP and Director of Client Solutions, Jeremy Hudgens, “The longer the period of time that people are spending on their devices, the easier it makes it to stream videos and play games in the bathroom. Some marketers may find this a bit unsettling, but I kinda like to think of this crowd as a captive audience. And, it would really stink if we flushed away any chances to place ads in front of those who are searching. Thanks to our advanced proprietary tracking methods, we know when someone is searching for an item. We can then begin placing ads directly in their path, wherever that may be … even on the toilet!”

Because of Genius Monkey’s extensive experience, we now know that every person who is a potential customer goes to the bathroom from time to time. We could even target them specifically — if we just knew when and where they did it!

Interested in learning more about how Genius Monkey can boost your conversion rates today?

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