December 1, 2014

Smart, Effective, Efficient Marketing

The evolution of the marketing world has led to a much higher level of efficient branding. This new, innovative technology offered by Genius Monkey can be leveraged by brand marketers, allowing them to reach out to their specific targeted consumers.

Online video advertising has stepped forward as a main player in this new wave of effective programmatic advertising. Digital video advertisements are stepping leagues ahead of traditional television ads. In addition, video creates the highest number of click-through rates of any other advertising platform.

More and more marketers and publishers are reaching out to Genius Monkey to manage their digital video campaign, using programmatic platforms. This technology automates the placement of ads, and it does so in the blink of an eye. Advertisers can traverse thousands of websites in order to reach the members of their target market.

Despite its great success rates, the video ad technology is comparatively new, and there are marketers that are still unsure about how this type of ad campaign can help them meet their marketing objectives.

Here are a few of their questions:

Is a video advertising platform necessary?

What can I do to make my advertising budgets more efficient?

Can Genius Monkey help me reach out to my target demographic?

What’s the best way to reach my demographics across the spectrum of channels?

Can the effectiveness of my ads be measured?

The answer to these questions can be found in the adage that “the proof is in the pudding.” You want to know and understand your video advertising, inside and out. You should have a clear understanding of your budget, the inventory, the placement, the channel and last, but certainly not least, the results. Genius Monkey can help you achieve a smaller overhead with less spending, create a transparent campaign performance, reach a broad, yet specified audience and create a drastic increase in your ROI.

To help you identify the platform that would most increase the value of your business, use the acronym S.E.E.M. (Smart, Effective, Efficient Monkeys). These are the attributes Genius Monkey uses to help their customers grow and increase their business goals.

SMART: We stay current with the latest technology, and continually evaluate and develop effective strategies using the programmatic video ad platform. It makes your campaigns smarter, affording you more direct access, as well as a better understanding of the results achieved.

With Genius Monkey working on your side, your ad platform can be the tool that will help you accomplish the following tasks in an intelligent fashion, with minimal ramp time:

EFFECTIVE:  We steer your business message to those who are most likely to purchase and utilize the goods or services you offer.

Genius Monkey can help your company reach its goals by working before, during and after your campaign.

Before initiating your campaign, we can help you strategize your marketing plan by defining goals and deciding on the tactics to be used. This includes things like content mix, frequency, timing and budget allocations. Once these goals are set, we can help you create your videos, decide where and when to run them, and how much should be spent during the process of bidding.

During your campaign, Genius Monkey can analyze the audience data, providing real-time reporting. This will paint a clear picture for you of just how the campaign is performing. We can track specific performance indicators, based on the goals you have set. Some of these indicators are click-throughs, completed views, and brand lift metrics. The feedback is instantaneous. If your campaign is effective, you have the “proof in the pudding” that it’s working. If it isn’t as effective as it could be, adjustments can be made to optimize the results.

After the campaign, the audience data should be examined, measuring the effectiveness of the strategies. In days past, a marketer would have to rely on complicated data that was translated by scientists. With Genius Monkey working for you, we can create your analytics, helping to plan future strategies, with more precision, if necessary.

EFFICIENT: We make sure that you get the biggest “bang for your buck,” achieving the desired results with minimal waste.

Here’s how we do it:

MONKEYS: There is not a more talented team of marketing technicians and specialists to take the steps needed for your success. Using the programmatic platform, we work smarter, not harder. We help you manage your campaign with confidence. We understand that your results are impacted by the context in which your ad appears. We see to it that it’s relevant, and in true alignment with your brand.

Genius Monkey knows that your ad cannot make an impression if it isn’t seen. In order for the ad to be considered “viewable,” it must be at least 50% visible for at least two seconds. We make sure that your ads are placed where the visibility will be the highest, leading to greater results, and we provide you with the statistics.

At Genius Monkey, we find out what means the most to your business, and we act on our findings, making sure that you have a clear understanding of the game plan throughout the campaign. We assure that you gain an insight into the demographics, the reach and the cost of your campaign, and we constantly monitor the results achieved. Using this continuous feedback, we can adjust and optimize the outcome in real time.

We make your video advertising effective and efficient and we do it in a smart fashion. After all, we are very intelligent primates; we are Genius Monkeys.

Interested in learning more about how Genius Monkey can boost your conversion rates today?

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