June 26, 2019

Turning Data Into Dollars

Does it ever feel like you don’t get as much done now as you did in years past? If you’re like most Americans, you may need to evaluate just how much time you spend on your smartphone. According to recent data by the St Louis-based senior living community provider, Provision Living, we Americans are over-the-top with our phone use. As an example:

Basically, if you’re like the average American, you could spend one fourth of your waking hours on your smartphone streaming videos, listening to music, or checking messages.

Take the Opportunities as they Come

This is a major speed bump for users with the cost of data, but it also presents to marketers the opportunity to be in front of these users. Genius Monkey has always preached the importance of being in front of your targeted audience during the entire conversion journey. And, as long as the public is spending so much time on their phones, marketers should take full advantage of that fact, utilizing the pinpoint precision of today’s programmatic technology to get the message to them.

A Little Creativity Never Hurts; in Fact, it’s Essential

Comcast Xfinity Mobile saw an opportunity to grow a singular kind of plan that includes a massive network of millions of Wi-Fi hotspots put into place to assist customers who are looking to save dollars on their data.

It’s a pretty simple concept; give customers a snapshot of how much their data is really costing them, and let them absorb the shock.

By utilizing the data from video-share sites, Xfinity Mobile initiated a program called “Data in Dollars.” It was comprised as a series of six-second pre-roll ads, explaining just how much the data would cost to watch the upcoming video, using data pricing from their cellular provider.

What Results Come from This?

The results of the strategy paid off in dividends for the service provider, to the tune of a 113% lift in brand interest. Additionally, they saw an increase of 300% in search, and the customer attraction is obvious, because since the launch of the campaign, they have gained new customers by the thousands!

Make Them Remember Who You Are

In a conversation with Jeremy Hudgens, Genius Monkey’s CRO/SVP and Director of Client Solutions, he stated that, “The most effective advertising arms people with a joke, quote, statistic, or story that will stick in their brains. The Xfinity campaign kind of emphasized the truth of this concept. They began with a creative idea and allowed it to tell their story. Genius Monkey has always encouraged marketers to use creativity in their campaigns, because at the end of the day, creative marketing is easier to recall, the memories last longer, and it works with less ad-spend!”

In today’s world, it is about a good idea, derived from accurate data. There is a symbiotic relationship between data, creative and media. Without either one of the three, you’re dead in the water. To sum it all up, sometimes you’ve got to don your creative hat to be successful!

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