December 7, 2022

The Top Things We Learned in 2022

The Top Things We Learned in 2022

While 2022 had its challenges, like transitioning from a pandemic and adapting to post-pandemic marketing, it also had its rewards and learning experiences. Genius Monkey continues to grow, not only with clients and success stories, but also with new team members and greater recognition in the marketing industry. This is what we’ve learned in 2022 that you should take with you into the new year.

Ad Sales on the Rise

Despite coming out of a pandemic, advertising continues to grow. For the first time ever, ad sales in the United States are projected to pass $300 billion, as reported through Magna Global.

Here are some more stats from their findings:

Ad sales in the United States are projected to pass $300 billion

Adapting to the Pandemic “Ending”

Though there’s no official end to the pandemic, we’re reaching a “new normal” across most industries and using everything we’ve learned to make our services even better.

Travis Champ, Genius Monkey COO, said that the pandemic has changed the way people consume media—a large majority of people still work from home, so they’re on their devices all day and using a variety of devices like phones, TV, computers, tablets, etc. Media companies have adapted to that behavior change, so today, we have more streaming services than ever before, giving consumers more options for content.

“Businesses need a good programmatic approach to add these new mediums as they come about or they’re going to be missing out,” Champ said. “That’s the biggest thing that has changed in this space—having the right approach to be adaptable to new changing mediums. One example is Netflix introducing advertisements recently. That’s a whole new landscape that people should be ready to add to their strategy.”

One major point we’ve taught others is to keep marketing, even during slow times. Just because supply or budget may be low, you want to keep your business engine running. Champ said that the best example of successful advertising happened during the height of the pandemic—while many people cut off their advertising during this time, it was the ones who stuck around who were successful.

“Advertisers that kept advertising, those are the ones who triumphed through economic hardships. Whatever we have ahead of us in the next year, people need to keep in mind that consistency and having brand recognition online will bring the most success. Even if you can only send one email or run one ad every couple of weeks, that’s better than doing nothing.”

Genius Monkey Takeaways

This year, we’ve been able to diversify and grow our clients, increase our own team with new talent hired, and gain recognition in major advertising categories nationwide. Here are a few more Genius Monkey wins for 2022:

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