July 16, 2019

The Ten Commandments of Attribution Tracking

If you’ve ever heard any of the sermons that Genius Monkey preaches, you’re probably aware of how much we believe in the profound importance of attribution tracking. We know how to help you lead your prospects right down the path to conversion.

These principals are neither hypothetical, nor speculative; they are tried and tested by the specialists at Genius Monkey, and have proven to be incredibly successful. Here is a set of commandments that Omni Monkey (the main brilliant ape of the bunch) has posted. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and we have a great deal of pudding to look through!

In case any of you have forgotten the main practices of Genius Monkey and how we deal with attribution, measuring and tracking, we have printed up a list of our 10 commandments:

The Ten Commandments of Attribution Tracking

By Omni “Genius” Monkey

1. Behold, thou shalt go forth and preach unto the multitudes the importance of attribution, measurement and tracking. For these are some of the principles that will bring eternal life unto thine businesses. Without them, thou shalt be cursed and shall wither away upon the barren financial landscape.

2 .Thou shalt always be in front of thine customers … at all times. It mattereth not the medium nor the screen upon which they watcheth … thou shalt be present. If thou art a slothful servant, thy competition will eateth thee up.

3. Thou shalt knoweth the importance and value of each channel or touchpoint during the purchase or conversion process.

4. Thou shalt remember at all times that thou mayest place the burden of search into the hands of a capable digital programmatic marketing specialist. Yeah, even like unto Genius Monkey.

5. Thou shalt searcheth for thine targets using such indicators as conversion types, device types, interaction levels, conversion dates and times, conversion IP addresses, conversion referral pages, and more.

6. As long as a marketer isn’t paying CPM (Cost Per Thousand), repeated impressions are very beneficial. In this day and age, brand marketers should only be paying in the event of some form of engagement, i.e., per-click, full video view, etc.

7. Thou must knoweth that if thou supporteth a true omni-channel campaign, using multiple networks and devices, there shall be no negative kickback. Behold, that is a great thing.

8. He who disregardeth all the additional efforts made by other mediums, and taketh into consideration only the last click attribution, is committing sin as grievous as casting out thy newborn infant with the water in which she bathes.

9. Thou must knoweth which traffic will be pure and righteous, and which traffic may be deemed an abomination unto the sites of those with whom you serve, and must be eliminated.

10. It mattereth not how many impressions thy maketh, for the number is irrelevant. It will simply taketh as many as it taketh.

Have you ever been having a conversation with a friend, when you try to remember how you got to a particular topic? It’s interesting to trace your steps backwards to see just what made you arrive at that particular point. When you finally discovered how it happened, it made perfect sense.

Similarly, when a shopper converts, we are able to see exactly what made him convert, what touchpoints were lit upon, and why he decided to buy when he did. He may have seen just one ad, or perhaps he saw 150. Either way, we analyze these conversions and we learn more and more about how to lead the next customer in, or track how he got there in the first place.

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