December 10, 2019

The Purpose of Attribution

What is your target audience up to? Quite a bit, in fact. The prospective consumers you’re hoping to reach are doing all sorts of things at any given moment. Some are entirely disconnected from their various devices, while others are checking their mobile phones as tablets stream media content of some sort a foot or so from where they’re seated. Your audience may have a common interest in what you’re selling, but their online engagement is far from uniform. Genius Monkey has made a business of paying attention to this reality, and it’s paid off in the form of measurement tools that help our clients to both reach likely customers and measure their advertising results against their advertising investment(s).

Why Attribution is Relevant

Can you think of a drawback to knowing more about how and when your target audience will eventually see the advertisements you’ve spent time and money to create? If the lion’s share of your customer base is reading about your services/products on a desktop computer, that tells you something about who’s ultimately parting ways with their cash to do business with you. And for our agency readers, why wouldn’t your clients benefit from having the same information? Any knowledge of this sort is likely to either confirm existing understandings of a demographic or, just as important, to upend preconceived notions. An accurate picture of your customer composition is essential to sound marketing practices.

Spend Shrewdly

With precise data at our disposal, we can ensure your advertising dollars are optimally spent, all while providing you with a detailed image of your customer base from an engagement standpoint. Genius Monkey’s programmatic platform, which relies on interlinked software components to track advertising efficacy, assesses conversions by everything from date/time to the type of device via which the conversion took place. Accurate attribution allows us to orient your marketing campaign(s) based on a thorough and ongoing observation of conversion trends. That reason, above all, is why investing in attribution is requisite for effectual advertising management.

Familiar With Programmatic Advertising?

Data that exhaustive would be of limited use to our clients if it weren’t being leveraged by a strong programmatic advertising platform; one capable of processing information and reacting to it in real time. Optimization is always the aim of a marketing effort, but attempting to optimize on a daily or weekly basis will result in missed opportunities to reach customers when they will most probably convert or, at a minimum, view an advertisement.

Genius Monkey’s programmatic strategy provides clients with comprehensive data assessments and attribution figures. Using this information in real time is a function of our programmatic software, which receives data, calculates spend, and responds to shifting patterns in accordance with carefully structured algorithms.

There’s a fixed element of guesswork extant in the business world, maybe in most things. We simply don’t always know what will work, or, when something does work, why it worked. But there is an essential distinction between taking a risk and moving forward without a plan, or, worse, without the information you need to author a plan. In advertising, a good starting place is in the work of correctly attributing your conversion sources. The Genius Monkey team has created a technology platform capable of supplying our clients with useful attribution data to mitigate much of the guessing we can all expect to encounter from day to day.

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