September 28, 2022

The 3 Easy Ways You Can Outshine Your Competitors

The 3 easy ways to outshine your competitors

You’ve probably heard it a million times—the best tips and tricks to make your business better. But we’re here to speak from experience—10+ years of it—and let you in on the things we’ve learned about outperforming competitors.

It’s more than just keeping tabs on what the other guys are doing. It’s more than using the word “innovation,” rebranding and creating a new logo, or even offering cheaper services. We’ve been voted one of the best digital marketing platform companies in the country, and our clients and results will show you that we really do know what we’re doing.

How did we do it? We’ve taken 10 years to learn how to stand out above the competition, and we’re sharing what we’ve done so you can make your business and brand even better.

Start With REAL Passion

Without a passion or desire to be the best, you won’t be the best. We are so very obsessed with delivering the best value to our clients, it’s what we center our entire work around.

When users switch over to Genius Monkey, they often share what they disliked about their previous experience with other providers. Here’s what they share:

After working with us, they soon realize what we offer and how our service really stands out above the rest.

Tips to Beat the Competition

Be Human

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, “People are exhausted by ads selling them something when they are scrolling through their accounts. People want to feel connected to brands and so adding a human element to the marketing goes a long way.”

Genius Monkey CRO Jeremy Hudgens said that one of the biggest differentiators with Genius Monkey is our human oversight and teams taking care of each campaign. He said, “We have some competitors that do put a lot of attention on campaigns, but they don’t have the technology that allows them to tap into all the data and all the networks.” Our technology platform, combined with our skilled team of campaign managers, puts our services in a higher tier than the rest.

Embrace what makes your brand different

Be Unique

You should know your product or service inside and out—especially what makes it unique or better than your competitors. You won’t be everyone’s first choice, but you can embrace what makes your brand different and reach those customers you can really help. For example, if your services are more expensive than your competition, own up as to why that is and why it is justified.

Here are just a few things that makes Genius Monkey unique:

Be Honest

Digital J2 wrote, “If your product can’t provide a feature that your customer wants, be honest about it. Your honesty will build trust with them and will leave a great impression. Additionally, anyone in sales knows that it’s easier to work with an excited customer than a skeptical one.”

No one wants to be lied to—don’t sabotage your sale or your chance of doing business with someone by pretending to offer something you can’t.

For example, when clients come to us, we let them know that while they’ll see results quickly, they won’t see full results for 30-90 days. With the assistance of our proprietary reporting, we help educate and explain the conversion cycle to them. We also create new blog content for our clients and potential customers, sharing industry insights, tips, tricks, and more.

Stay Ahead of the Game

No matter your strategy, it’s important to watch what your competition does and what they are offering to their customers. Then, you can not only keep up with the competition, but you can outperform them and be a better match for future customers. Also remember: the only way to see the future is to always be innovating. If you are constantly just adapting, you will always be behind. Get out front!

Interested in learning more about how Genius Monkey can boost your conversion rates today?

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