March 24, 2021

Staying Ahead of Consumer Behavior

Staying Ahead of Consumer Behavior

In 2020, not only did consumers change, but marketing tactics evolved as well. Video took off last year, virtual and remote customer experiences replaced more traditional shopping processes and new digital platforms emerged and swiftly grew in popularity––as did consumer expectations. All these alterations to the marketplace have kept advertisers on their toes, particularly when it comes to changes in consumer behavior. So what can marketers expect for the rest of 2021, and how can they adjust their ad strategies in order to better suit these new consumer behaviors and expectations? We’ve got a few tips and ideas to help point you in the right direction.

The evolution in consumer behavior over the past year has forced businesses to make changes in response. In order to remain relevant and viable in today’s market, brands should keep their business and advertising strategies flexible to help expand their reach and better adapt to emerging customer behaviors. Here are a few key consumer behavior shifts that will continue to grow in 2021:

Staying Ahead of Consumer Behavior

Adapting to consumer behavior, like a boss

Thriving in 2021 will mean providing customers with the best possible atmosphere, customer service, goods and services, and experiences–this is what the consumer of 2021 demands. A strong example of just how to shift your business operations to better suit today’s changing consumer behaviors can be found in the auto industry, specifically. A few of our Genius Monkey clients have seen incredible success by implementing creative ideas to better adapt to today’s consumer.

Last year a few auto dealership clients of ours reworked their entire purchasing process to better suit at-home car buyers by rolling out purchase-from-home vehicle programs. Trucks Only is one such dealer. They made it possible for customers to shop online and buy a car from the comfort of their couch with convenient options such as; at-home test drives, online financing and trade-in offers and front-door delivery.

Liberty Buick and Liberty GMC, two different stores that we work with, also started mobile test drives, vehicle delivery programs and full online purchase options, and have seen great success. Despite the social restrictions on consumers last year, their sales numbers were prominent. In fact, the Liberty Buick store became the #1 Buick Dealer in the nation for the month of April 2020 while the GMC store jumped to #14, the highest they’ve been in the past three years, a very prestigious accomplishment.

By acting fast and adapting creatively to changing consumer behaviors, these dealerships not only responded to consumer needs, but also provided an improved overall buying experience for consumers when compared to traditional dealership transactions.

A comfortable purchase experience where everybody goes home happy is a win-win for all parties involved. And that’s exactly what Genius Monkey is here to help you achieve: true success through smart and flexible marketing. And better yet, auto clients at Genius Monkey have an average display cost per conversions of just $1.40 and an average video cost per conversion of $1.65.

Paving the way to greater opportunities

When companies combine creative business tactics with brand flexibility they not only create more conversion opportunities by adapting to consumer behavior changes, but also become leaders of inspired innovation often times. That’s why it’s helpful to think long-term when considering the future. Where do you want your brand to be, and how do you want business to operate in the coming years?

Once you know the answers to such questions, Genius Monkey can help you execute a solid ad strategy to help maximize your returns while at the same time appealing to emerging consumer behaviors with savvy expertise.

Don’t be afraid to guide your brand’s future into one of relevance and positive returns by keeping an open mind to new operating options in order to stay ahead of new consumer behaviors. Adaptable and innovative brands are best poised to benefit in our modern economy. Let us be your partner in achieving stellar and unparalleled success in your industry, one creative ad strategy at a time.

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