September 7, 2017

You Simply Must be Everywhere

A company must be present in all places in order to reach its marketing objectives, assuming those objectives are lofty. But, bigger is not always better. Let’s look at Google, as an example. They are a huge network, and they average 3.5 billion searches a day. Why, just with YouTube alone there are 5 billion videos watched daily. While these numbers sound very impressive, are they covering all the medium bases? We dare say, NOT!

There are several variables in the world of advertising, and how the playbooks of digital marketing are continually changing; morphing into something greater, continually extending the reach to consumers. However, there is one principle that has always been valid, and will continue to be: In order to be truly successful in your marketing platforms, you need to be present … everywhere! That’s why at Genius Monkey, we run the campaigns of our clients across numerous networks, and we track the conversions accordingly in order to assure that their money is being spent in the most productive way possible.

At Genius Monkey, we build platforms that are truly media, device and ad-type agnostic. This simply means that we’re not partial or prone to recommending any one kind, or type, of media to our clients. By adjusting (in real-time) our attribution and tracking technology, we are able to determine the media mix that makes the most sense, given the clients’ goals and objectives of their marketing campaigns. We then move forward with what our tracking and attribution research reveals is best for optimum performance … right down to the conversion.

It’s really easy to think that you are hitting everyone you need to with just one of those giant networks, but did you know that networks like Yahoo (now Verizon-owned), have over a billion users, and Facebook just reached over 2 billion? That does not include the hundreds of others with unique media outlets and audience reach.

With so many users, why would you only want to hit someone with an ad when they are watching a video about cooking on YouTube, and not when they are reading their favorite news on Yahoo, or catching up with a friend on Facebook, or checking out the latest recipes by their favorite blogger who happens to be using a private exchange network provider? The fact is, you need to be there for all of these micro moments, but you can’t if you are stuck using just one or two mediums.

There is a lot of inventory out there right now. It’s like the Wild, Wild West of the Internet, and quite frankly, it brings a great deal of fraud along with it. So, it would behoove you, the brand marketer, to assure that your brand is protected, and that you’re not paying for bots. In other words, you want to make sure that you’re getting the biggest bang for the buck! It’s not particularly easy, but when done correctly, it’s more powerful than anything you could possibly do, and it will give you an edge on your competitors like you’ve never imagined.

Even prior to Verizon coming on, yahoo had quite the audience. Now that Verizon and AOL are joining forces with Yahoo, it adds up to a whole lot of users. So, while we all preach the sermon that it’s all about micro-moments, and that marketers must be omnipresent, and that Google can reach out to 95% of all users, if we aren’t reaching out to the entire audience, we aren’t really practicing what we preach. You can’t possibly cover the whole gambit sticking with one network; not when the numbers suggest that there are large masses on other networks that are being missed; and that’s a relevant crowd.

However, Genius Monkey can, and does reach the masses. Through the use of our advanced technology and our agnostic programmatic expertise, there isn’t a medium that we can’t access. We cover the gambit of channels in order to reach the maximum targeted users possible.

Interested in learning more about how Genius Monkey can boost your conversion rates today?

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