August 16, 2019

Setting the Programmatic Pace

Middle-sized to larger companies tend to keep knowledgeable experts of all sorts on the payroll. From a general counsel to a head of Information Technology, every organization needs specialized minds to act in explanatory roles and very often as knowledgeable liaisons.

The reasoning is as sensible as it is obvious - companies like to have trusted insiders to help understand and usefully contextualize complex situations, vendor needs, et cetera. But having in-house advisors does not always equate to having in-house solutions. This is as true of advertising as of legal matters. You might employ a bright CMO who thoroughly understands digital topography, but that same CMO will almost certainly rely on outside technology such as that provided by Genius Monkey to achieve their marketing vision/milestones.

A Platform vs. A Product

Consider a vehicle engine without a vehicle chassis, a bicycle chain without a bicycle frame, a computer screen without a computer. Those individual components are certainly important, but independent of a larger mechanism, they are essentially paperweights. The same holds true for many tools in the digital advertising space (though they don’t make for ideal paperweights).

A standalone marketing product might seem to address a given company’s awareness challenges or help them to meet a specific sales/subscription goal, but what about the subsequent tracking measures necessary to derive useful information about the product’s immediate performance and long-term potential? An in-house CMO with knowledge of such things will advise that you rely on programmatic platform development to store and by which to contextualize essential marketing data.

Relying on Infrastructure Rather Than Gimmicks

Building a formidable advertising infrastructure is every bit as difficult, labor-intensive, and technologically intricate as it sounds. Even if it can be done from within, a company that specializes in that trade will offer you expertise and advanced proprietary technologies while managing the more resource-intensive work of data storage and reporting. But be discerning, always.

There are plenty of seemingly straightforward products in the bazaar of digital advertising which, in fact, function independently of a larger framework, and are therefore of limited sustained use. In a quickly moving industry, integrated advertising machinery is necessary to keep pace with marketing demands while continually extracting strategically important data from your marketing efforts.

Always Room For Collaboration

At Genius Monkey, we are compelled to create powerful, advanced digital advertising mechanisms to ensure our clients can consistently meet their sales objectives. But we’re not here to do it entirely on our own. We prefer to collaborate with each client’s Marketing and IT experts to better understand how they operate and what they’re tasked with achieving.

It’s also our opportunity to illustrate clearly what we do and how our platform is best employed by knowledgeable industry professionals. Nothing we do for our clients should be unclear. Just as the reporting data we provide is organized to ensure it is easily interpreted, we know our tools will be put to better use if their precise functions are accessible to those tasked with using them each day.


There has long been a tendency on part of organizations to maintain a bench of informed minds whose role is as much advisory as it is operational. Advertising is one of those business necessities which seems highly manageable from within, but whose complex requirements actually do require both considerable expertise and sophisticated tools to be effectively satisfied.

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