April 7, 2015

Feed your Target Market with Real-Time Ads

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During the 2015 airing of the Oscars, Google delivered real-time display ads congratulating the winners ¦ as they won! These ads drove watchers to buy (or rent) the winning movies on Google Play. Their goal was to create extremely relevant real-time marketing that corresponded directly to the on-screen action.

The audience at the Oscars was waiting with great anticipation to find out who would win each category, especially “Best Picture” of the year. But behind the scenes, Google was waiting, too, ready to push their ad creative as soon as the winner was announced. The nominees were read by Sean Penn, and Google had eight ads ready to go, one for each nominee. The instant that Birdman was announced as the winner, Google hit the switch for the Birdman custom creative. While the director, Alejandro González Iñárritu, and his cast took the stage, the congratulatory ads were hitting the secondary-screen devices. Within mere seconds, the viewers saw the ads and were able to go to the Google Play Store to purchase the winning movie. What would have taken hours to accomplish a few years ago, now took only seconds.

The award shows are over for this year, but with 36 million viewers watching, this was a grand opportunity for brands to connect with targeted fans that were highly motivated. Viewers were doing more than watching television though. According to Nielsen Research, 84% of tablet and smartphone owners watched the awards with their devices in hand, searching for the winning movies as they were announced. In addition to the commercials that Google ran during the award ceremony, their real-time display ads conveyed what was happening on television, which drove watchers to the award-winning movies on Google Play.

With real-time programmatic advertising now available to brands, they can create ads that not only reach the consumers, but also resonate with them. Here are four real-time marketing points that should be observed by brand marketers:

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