October 9, 2019

Raising the Bar in Full-Service Fraud Prevention

Digital ad fraud is rampant across the globe, costing the advertising industry billions each year and deeply cutting into the bottom line of countless brands. Due to its uncanny ability to detect, evade and quickly adapt to any protection measures, ad fraud is nearly impossible to eliminate completely.

However, marketers can greatly reduce the risk of malicious ad fraud interfering with campaigns by partnering with digital ad providers whose fraud prevention measures go above and beyond mainstream industry standards. This ensures their digital advertisements have the highest level of protection available.

But how do you find such companies? How can you determine which digital ad tech providers are willing to go that extra mile for your ad campaigns?

Look for the TAG-Certified Against Fraud Seal of Approval

The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) is a cross-industry accountability program created with the sole purpose of making the internet a safer market for all legitimate business parties. In 2016, TAG launched their Certified Against Fraud Program to create a network of companies devoted to combating invalid internet traffic by upholding a high set of safety standards throughout the digital ad supply chain.

Each participating member in the TAG-certified program is required to meet a rigorous set of criteria in order to be awarded the official TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal, which they can proudly display on their websites as evidence of their dedication to eliminating ad fraud.

And their efforts have been highly-effective. Since its implementation, TAG has seen consistent and positive results across industries in reducing invalid traffic. And now TAG-Certified members are taking things to the next level in full-service fraud protection.

TAG-Certified Members are Going Above and Beyond to Defeat Fraud

A recent report conducted by TAG and The 614 Group showed just how effective TAG-Certified channels were in comparison to non-certified channels in regards to fighting ad fraud in Germany.

The study found that digital ad fraud rates were less than 1% for companies with the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal1

The Invalid Traffic (IVT) rate on TAG-Certified channels came in at 0.66% while the industry average maintained a 2.37% IVT rate.2 A total reduction in ad fraud of 72% simply by using TAG-certified channels.

As a TAG-Certified Against Fraud partner, Genius Monkey takes it even a step further by using integrated validation partners, such as zvelo, as well as several third-party fraud detection outlets. And we have our own in-house integrated fraud detection, as well, with multiple filters and layers, bringing those TAG-Certified rates down even lower for our clients.

In fact, Genius Monkey’s advertising platform has eliminated over 130% more ad fraud than industry averages!3

But the best part of this is that, since the implementation of TAG-Certified practices, industry fraud rates, as a whole, have dropped more than 50% over the past few years, steadily making the digital ad supply chain a safer ecosystem for all participants. Organizations like TAG, along with their TAG-Certified partners, are actively raising the bar on best practices to ensure better fraud protection for everyone.

Best Practices for Better Protection

In the ongoing fight against fraud, your best defense is a company willing to go above and beyond to ensure the safety of your products, campaigns, and overall brand reputation.

As a proud holder of the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal, Genius Monkey takes every measure to protect our clients–and their advertising budgets–from the malicious effects of digital ad fraud.

Don’t take chances with your brand’s integrity. When launching a new campaign, look for a digital ad tech company who will go above and beyond to safeguard your efforts against fraudulent activity: Look for the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal of approval.


2 Invalid Traffic (IVT) data provided by Oracle Data Cloud’s Moat Analytics to TAG/614 Group. Includes both GIVT and SIVT data without screening or fraud protection, covering the period from January-June 2019. 3 TAG Fraud Benchmark Report: Snapshot Germany


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