May 1, 2019

Push them Over the Edge with Video

In our extremely competitive e-commerce industry, some websites need to push hard and fast to get the sale right now, while other companies must somehow inspire the customers before winning them over, or to even put the idea in their heads to use their services.

One genre (amongst thousands) of marketing that has discovered the relevance and effectiveness of video as a marketing tool in ads, on the website or via email, is the travel industry. One of the biggest benefits to planning a vacation today, as opposed to a few decades ago, is that now you can easily plan a trip from the comfort of your couch by exploring options online. It can save a great deal of heartache and disappointment to do a little homework before committing to any plans.

For this reason, marketing teams and brands around the globe are constantly looking for ways to get these undecided adventurers to book their travel services with them, rather than the competition. One of the channels that has proven to be most effective for the travel-marketing gurus is – video.

Creating a 15-second video showing others that are enjoying their fun-filled vacations in amazing places, with jaw dropping scenery and fun family activities, is very effective. This is especially true when it shows the steps that the family took to get to that location, and when the user simply needs to hit a CTA to get started, it makes it that much easier.

These video spots have proven to be very effective for those companies that have made this paradigm shift. In the first four weeks, one particular travel company found that 52% of their conversions were click-through conversions right from the travel website.

Here are a few tips on how marketers can utilize video to enhance promotions and drive potential customers down the purchasing highway:

Who Are You Aiming For?

Figure out your audience, and aim for reaching them. In this case, let’s stick with undecided travelers, and how you can nudge them into booking a trip.

By utilizing a programmatic digital company like Genius Monkey, you can narrow down your search and aim directly for those who have indicated (in one way or another) that they are interested in taking a trip. This may come in the form of an ad, an email, or a pre-roll; all directed to the audience who has the most propensity to buy. Any company that just throws out an ad to the general public, sometimes referred to as the “spray and pray” method, is wasting ad dollars.

Warm Up your Prospects and Get them to Engage

Video isn’t just about brand awareness; it also facilitates booking a trip online. It takes a timely, pertinent ad with a solid call-to-action to inspire those searching, to book. It’s essential, however, to include in your video the precise action you want taken when the CTA is pushed. You want them to experience a seamless transition from shopper to purchaser. Marketers must come to know their customers and the sales cycle they are in so they can inspire prospects at the right time.

Put Your Video Strategy to the Test

Companies that find success in their video campaigns will want to increase the number of videos in their advertising arsenal to appeal to all those different types of shoppers who may watch it. This, like any other content, can be tested and tweaked as needed. It’s not just about what works – but what works the BEST! Eventually, with proper testing and attribution tracking, your data-driven ad campaign can span the entire sales funnel; from awareness, to consideration, to purchase.

Interested in learning more about how Genius Monkey can boost your conversion rates today?

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