December 9, 2016

Programmatic the Right Way

On average, only 5% of the consumers’ time is spent searching; the other 95% is spent on reviewing content as they secure their decision on what to buy, and from whom. It has become obvious that customers don’t always end up purchasing the brand they initially set out to buy. Facts, figures and information placed in front of their faces can sway their decision-making. In addition, the competition is actively seeking their business as well, bombarding them from every direction. Take car shopping, for example: Only 25% of car shoppers end up purchasing the brand of vehicle they initially set out to buy. The other 75% go elsewhere … lost to the competition. This drives home the point that it’s imperative for brands to continually engage with the potential customers … on all screens, and across all devices.

Programmatic advertising has evolved, and continues to evolve, into the most effective method to reach a targeted audience … but only if it’s done right. And who better to look to than Genius Monkey? We set the bar for this advanced technology.

Consumers of today have a higher degree of technical skills to assist them with their purchasing decisions. The days of buying merchandise or services without doing any research are long past. With easy access to the information highway via mobile devices, it’s easier to compare brands and prices with just a few clicks. In fact, the average number of brand interactions a consumer makes before making the purchase is a surprising twenty-eight!

At Genius Monkey, we have found that by simply throwing an image display ad into the mix, marketers see an average increase of 41% in site traffic. In addition, the brand awareness is boosted by 36% and the purchase intent increases by 8%. Such is the magic of digital programmatic advertising … when it’s done right.

Studies have also indicated that advertisers see an average lift in recall of 24% when their multi-screen campaigns place them in front of consumers - across all devices and channels. That is what we do at Genius Monkey.

Using the highly advanced technology of Optimize Display and Optimize Video (our proprietary image and video display ads), we create an affordable programmatic platform for our clients that leads to a boost in site traffic, brand awareness and purchase intent, making a substantial impact on their bottom line. Our precisely targeted pay-per-click banner display campaigns result in an average CPC (cost-per-click) that is 50% lower than our nearest competitor, with an effective CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) that ranges between two and three dollars. That’s an immense savings when compared to the industry average CPM of five to twenty-one dollars! The high view rate and the low CPM is a combination that isn’t found anywhere else in the world of video advertising.

At Genius Monkey, we anchor our programmatic success with five principles, or “pillars.” They are:

Media and Device Agnostic - This “agnosticism” is the capacity of a computing component to work with several types of systems without requiring any special adaptations. Simply put … anything that is designed to be compatible across most common operating systems. This means that we can optimize towards the best mix of both media and type of device. Amongst these devices are mobile, laptop/desktop, tablet and smart TV.

Rather than just using a single network, we pull in all of the available impressions through integrating with all networks and DSPs (demand side platforms).

Unrestricted Behavioral Targeting - These are variables that are factored into each campaign. As an example, let’s say that a man is looking to buy a pickup truck. We can target him IF he has a family, OR he hauls building materials, AND he is close to paying off his old one. We are able to drive greater efficiencies by narrowing the field using these statements.

We can target potential customers based on:

Using contextual keyword targeting, we can look into search queries, social posts and even the content of email correspondence.

Omni Monkey - Our third pillar, Omni Monkey, is our proprietary set of algorithms that assures that our optimization process is accomplished in real-time. This technology is not unlike that used by Wall Street to find obscured values in the stock market. It finds the most direct, cost-effective means to reach our clients’ targeted crowds. It creates a real-time competition between DSPs and networks, and it all happens in a fraction of a second. This gives Genius Monkey the capability to offer the best marketing value for the money. It also enables us to optimize across all variables, including devices and media access points in real-time, based on performance.

Quants with Human Oversight- No matter how advanced our technology becomes, it is worthless without the skill and management of our talented team of campaign managers, who oversee the process. We refuse to settle for the “set it and forget it” method that is so commonly used in the industry.

Measurement and Validation - We would never know how effective our programmatic skills were for our clients if we couldn’t measure the results, and validate the reasons for the success. We constantly apply multiple layers of protection against fraud, botnets and malicious websites to assure true results. In addition, we must be able to utilize proper attribution to track the conversions. We know we are successful, we just like to know HOW successful we really are!

Unlike most digital programmatic marketing companies, we don’t leave it to the clients to manage their campaign … we just ask for some basic target perimeters and some creative, and we take the ball and run with it!

If this all seems too good to be true, then one has only to take a close look at the results we have celebrated thus far. “The proof” as they say, “is in the pudding!”

Interested in learning more about how Genius Monkey can boost your conversion rates today?

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